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Shani,Shani Dasha,Shani Dhaiya,Shani Planet-Meaning,Myths,Concepts and Facts Explanation.

Planet Shani-Myths and Explanation :

Today in whole World people are having different opinions,myths and many false statements about Lord Shani.Most of the people resemble lord Shani as Cruel,Anger Full and a God who never benefits the humans.People worship Lord Shani only when they are surrounded by "Sadhe Sati" which means 7.5 years,"Shani Ka Dhaiya which means 2.5 years ","Unfavorable Shani Maha Dasha" ,"Dasha" and pains.

My personal experience says that Lord Shani is the God of Justice And is Chief Justice in the Human Life Court .He always provides the justice according to our "Karma's".Lord Shani is treated as "Rudra Avtar" of Lord Shiva and the way Lord Shiva gets angry and immediately show love and care the same way Lord Shani is also caring and loving and believes in giving instant results.

Today Human is so busy that neither he can keep regular fast nor worship God for many hours.But in Kalyug if a person worships Lord Shani with his true feelings then all his wishes will come true and he will be prosperous.

In All the nine planets Lord Shani or Planet Saturn keeps an important significance in life of every human.It impacts human life most commonly.When we will read about Lord Shani in Granth's then we will find that the books are full of Shani Mahima.You will come to know that Lord Shani not only provide justice to Human's but also to all the God's.Even Lord Shiva had to go through his phase.Just because he loves justice people has started treating him Cruel and bad.People don't like to keep their photos in their home temple neither the artisans make Shani Statues.This is not right ethically.

Lord Shani gives peace,prosperity and justice to everyone.Lord Shani make people fearless and see the irony one who make everyone fearless becomes bad for those people only.

Introduction to Lord Shani or Planet Saturn:

Father's Name: Lord Surya Or Sun.

Mother's Name: Chhaya Or Suvarna.

Brother's Name: Lord Yam Raj

Sister's Name: Yamuna

Guru Or Teacher: Lord Shiva

Gotra or Co Caste: Kashyap

Hobbies: Spirituality,Law,Politics.

Place Of Birth: Saurashtra Or Hind.

Color: Shyam Or Little Black.

Nature: Stubborn,Serious,Saint,Angry.

Other Names: Konastha,Pingal,Bbharu,Sauri,Shanischar,Krishanmand,Raudra,Antak,Yam.

Best Friends: Lord Kal Bhairav,Lord Hanuman,Planet Budh or Mercury,Lord Rahu.

Best Zodiac or Rashi: Kumbh(Aquarius) or Makar(Capricon).

Owner At: Night

Field Of Work: Justice To Human's as per their Karma's.

Favorite Day: Saturday,Tuesday and Tithi Amawasya.


Stone:Neelam(Blue Sapphire).

Favorite Stuff: Black Things and Black Clothes,Oil,Sugarcane,Sour Stuff.

Favorite Dhatu: Iron and Ispat.

Favorite Business: Iron,Cement,Coal,Factory, Petroleum,Transport,Medical,Press,Hardware.

Disease Due to Lord Shani: Cancer,Sugar,Kidney, Leprosy,Mental,Blood Cancer,Skin Disease.

Solution to Disease:On Saturday evening or night make offerings to some poor,needy or Old person the favorite things of Lord Shani.

Effect or Prabhav:7.5 Years.

Mahadasha:19 Years.

Famous Temples:Shri Shingnapur Shani Dev-Maharashtra
KokilaVan Vrindavan Shani Dev Mandir
Shri Shakti Peeth Shani Dham Trust-Delhi and Pali,Rajasthan.

Lord Shani-Chief Justice of Planet Earth:

For the smooth functioning of the universe God has dedicated different departments to endless powers.Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Urenus,Neptune,Saturn,Pluto,Rahu and Ketu .To say there are nine major powers who control the Human Life and provides them prosperity or pain according to their Karma's.Out of All those eight are Magistrate and One is Chief Justice which is names as "Lord Shani or Saturn".

Lord Shiva gave the responsibility of human accounts to Yam Raj and responsibility of Punishment is given to Lord Shani.Lord Shani respected the words of his teacher Lord Shiva and is dedicated towards his responsibility and gives renumeration according to the Karma's of a human.If a person is doing welfare of the society then he will be blessed by him and if he is doing inhuman acts then he will be punished.

How Lord Shani Originated:

According to the religious books Lord Shani were the son of second wife of Lord Sun.Due to dark color of Lord Shani , Lord Sun told her wife that he is not my son.From that day only Lord Shani has feeling of enemy for his father Lord Sun.Lord Shani worshiped Lord Shiva and gained as much powers as Lord Sun.Lord Shiva laster asked him to take a wish to which Lord Shani replied that its my mother's wish that i should be more powerful than Lord Sun and must take revenge from Lord Sun.To this Lord Shiva agreed and granted him the wish that you will remain above of all the Nine Planets.Not only Humans but also even God's will be afraid of your name.

Why Lord Shani Walks So Slow?

Planet Saturn takes complete 30 years to take a round of Sun which is very slow.There is a reason behind this too.Once upon a time Lord Shani punished a Big Saint due to which he expired.Wife of the Saint used to cry always.One day his son asked her that mother why you weep whole day.Name of son was Piplad(He used to eat fruit of Pipal tree only).To which she replied that your father died because of Lord Shani.To this Piplad got angry and started worshiping Lord Brahma and took "Brahma Dand" from him.Later on he challenged Lord Shani and when Lord Shani came he ordered his "Brahma Dand" to break his legs so that he cannot enter life of anyone.Then Lord Hanuman came and requested Piplad to forgive him and Piplad did that.From that day Lord Shani is having pain and problem in his legs and thus they walk slowly.

Why Lord Shani never hurts the Bhakt's of Lord Hanuman and Ram?

Once upon a time Lord Hanuman was deeply involved in bhajan of Lord Ram.At the same time Lord Shani came and challenged Lord Hanuman to fight with him.That was the time of Lord Hanuman to take round of Ram Setu.He requested Lord Shani to please let him go but Lors Shani Didn't agree.To this Lord Hanuman tied Lord Shani in his tail and started the round of Ram Setu.Due to this Lord Shani got badly hurt and blood started coming out of this body because of the wounds.Lord Shani tried his level best to get himself free of the tail but he could not.When Lord Hanuman completed his round he said to Lord Shani that i will make you free only on one condition that any person who will take my or my Lord's name you will not harm him in any ways.To this Lord Shani agreed and got free.From that day due to heavy and irresistible pain Lord Shani started asking for Oil to less the pain and one who gives him oil in a ways gives him comfort and this ways he does good.From that day Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman are best Friends.

Another instance is from Ramayana.Ravana controlled all the 9 planets including Lord Shani and imprisoned all of them.Ravana was very powerful and he especially punished Lord Shani by hanging him by his legs.Lord Hanuman went to Lanka in search of Mata Sita and there he saw Lord Shani in bad condition and Lord Hanuman later on made him free from the cage of Ravana.From that day Lord Shani never give pains to any person who chants Ram Naam or Hanuman.Later on Ravana died due to the effect of Lord Shani in the form of Lord Shri Ram.

Symptoms of Arrival of Lord Shani:

A)If you are living a comfortable life and all of a sudden you start feeling regular resistible pain in your head,you heart starts thinking that life is useless,your anger increases,you started fighting on small issues with your family or friends then be cautious.This states that Lord Shani is about to enter your life.During this time Shani Shanti Pooja is necessary.

B)Your wife is although good but all of a sudden she starts hitting kids and starts screaming daily then be sure that Lord Shani has arrived.

C)No matter Male or Female a person loses mental ability which in other words the power of decision or right or wrong and anger increases.Effect of Lord Shani captures mind.Creates Rivalry among many persons in your life.Person becomes very demotivating and doesn't likes to work.

D)Many times a person is occupied by the worst diseases and he becomes ill for many days or years and the disease too is not quick healing.

E)During the phase problems occurs in life of married people and they are ready to take divorce even.For this Shani Shanti is necessary.

F)Due to the effect of Lord Shani many times it has been noticed that a person becomes bankrupt.

G)Due to arrival of Lord Shani in one's Zodiac many times it has been noticed that Palm Lines starts becoming black.This clearly states that Lord Shani has entered your Zodiac.

H)Many times the whole Palm becomes light black and especially the nails becomes black.The luck line and Shani Parvat looks negative,This clearly means that all of your new assignments will fail and also a person becomes restless during the period.

I)Even symptoms appear on face and eyes also.Dark circles under the eyes are the symptom of his sure arrival.A person's hunger dies and that person is always depressed with pain in his head.

J)Sometimes someone near or dear one dies also after a long span of disease.

How to make Lord Shani Happy or make his effect Less:

Although in life of every human Lord Shani enter atleast once.No one can actually stop him but there are some ways to make him happy so that his pressure of effect becomes a bit less.There are many ways but those ways are now a days not possible for human's due to their busy life schedule but still if some one wishes to know then do mail be back.Otherwise some most common but very effective ways are as follows:

A)Light a Diya Full of Oil on Saturday and dedicate it to Pipal Tree.

B)Pour a mug full of water in Pipal tree on Saturday.

C)Give a Roti with butter milk or oil in it with Gud to a black Dog.

D)Feed a Black Cow.

E)Worship Lord Ram with true heart.

These are some very easy ways to make Lord Shani happy.

Shani Paya's or Corner's:

Basically there are four Corner's or Paya's.They are :

Lord Shani enters may enter any Corner or paya.

When Lord Shani enters the Iron Praya , all wealth and money goes away.

When Lord Shani enters Bronze a person becomes satisfied.

When Lord Shani enters Silver it is very prosperous and good.

When Lord Shani enters in Gold a person becomes very wealthy,healthy ,wise and prosperous.

Shani Mantra:


"Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Sanishcharaya Namah"

Start from any Saturday and chant it 23000 times in 21 days and see the positive effect in your life.

I would request all the readers to please understand that if Lord Shani will not punish us then this earth will be full of sinners and there would be no peace and prosperity on Earth.

Also daily chanting of Shani Chalisa and Shani Aarti is highly effective

If any one has any queries please write me back and i would be more than happy to assist you.



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  3. My Name is Suresh Born on 20 aug 1967 at 05:05 am in Pune Maharashatra India. I would like to know if i have shani dasha in my Rashi Now.

  4. I could not find any better delineation on effects of Lord Shani in our Lives.....I am currently going through Shani Dhaiya & literally had all the problems mentioned above....My mooon Sign is Gemini & details are - 4th March 1982, Time-2:15 AM; Place - New Delhi....Need to know until when are these going to Last......

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  6. dear Bharat nice information on Lord Shani.
    I have Shani dasha started march 2010 and Shani 12 amsha in Tula Rashi in my kundali, as you explained, I felt the Lord already entered in my life and offering prayers to him and reading Vayu stuti every saturday, hope Lord will bless me for the good. today being Saturday I have decided to chant Shani Mantra given by you 23000time in 21days.

    thanks for the information and let me know more about HIM. My email id -

  7. Dear Sir,

    My name is R Padmakara Reddy, born on 22nd July 1977. I have been told that I am going through sade saath. I have experienced all the symptoms, I had started a factory in 2003 and underwent about 15 lakhs loss, I missed My close and best friend, I was about to get devorce, I am restless, I am demotivated and have a stomach pain etc. every thing I have experienced as you have mentioned in your website. Please let me know till how long I ll be facing this problems and what should I do to get a easy going life, and also please suggest weather I can do some business in the future.

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  16. Thanks for sharing this important information about shani dhaiya or shani sade-sati. This is the type of misfortune arrive in someone's life. shani dhaiya is came in someone's life when lord shani will sit in his/her birth chart for two and half years.

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