Friday, September 21, 2012

50 Golden Rules of Life- Live the Life - Way Of Life !!

We All have got a beautiful life but we don't think it is Beautiful.We all have a feeling to do best in life but we don't succeed sometimes, what's the reason? Our success is not only dependent on our own self but it is also depends upon all those who come and pass through our life. We meet many people in our life daily and out of all we can't make everyone happy and can't make everyone sad.Some mistake is done by someone at some point of time which we don't realize and this leads to increase our negativity and failure sometimes.Today i am sharing some points which may not get you success but for sure will bring you closer to success.

Try to implement these points and see the changes in your life.

1) For the Whole Life we work hard for Family and other's, give some time to yourself, Take walk late evening alone and analyze what could have been much better today and try to rectify the same tomorrow.

2) Give a sweet smile to everyone you meet, remember attitude is all about making others happy and not about showing importance of own self. Your Smile may work as a medicine to someone.

3) To Be Successful in your job or Business you need to be first successful in your family life.

4) Respect your Wife, give her some time and feel the positivism in your life.

5) Sit in Silence for 15 Mts everyday, this will give you self power and motivation.

6) When you wake up every morning pray to God to give you strength for doing the right things at the right time and avoid bad things.

7) Avoid gossips and group talk everyday instead use the time to do something creative for both you and society.

8) Life Isn't Fair but it's Good.

9) Life is too short to waste time hating anyone, forgive every person and forget the wrong deed they did.

10) Don't Take yourself too seriously as no body else does.

11) You Don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree as this won't let you down. Sometimes its better to be quite than becoming too loud.

12) Make peace with your Past so it may not spoil your present.

13) Don't compare your life to others as you don't know about their life journey and time.

14) No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

15) Help the needy , Be Generous, be a Giver and not taker.

16) What other people think about you is none of your business, do what your heart and soul says after all its your life.

17) Time Heals Everything.

18) However good or bad the situation is, time will pass away.So never be too happy neither be too sad.Try to be neutral.

19) Your business or Job will not take care of you when you are sick but your family and friends will so keep in touch .

20) Envy is mere a wastage of time.You already have what you need.

21) Each night when you are off to sleep thank god for giving you another day full of opportunities in life and ask for betterment of next day.

22) Humans and Animals both are the creation of some God , so be kind to them too.Feed them as and when you can.

23) If you are eating something and see someone hungry offer the same stuff that you are eating and this will give you satisfaction more than anything.

24) Whenever you see an ambulance, pray for the person in as your pray may be the reason for his survival.The invisible wishes from his or her family will keep you alive forever.

25) No matter elder or younger you need to be polite to everyone, this will make them love you.

26) Avoid bad company as this is what taking you away from God.

27) Never laugh at beggar neither tease as sometimes unspoken words harm a lot.

28) If you see an accident always try to help as much as you can and don't be a standing statue.

29) Whenever you pass any temple do remember to lean you head down as respect.Remember juicy fruit trees always are always lean more towards ground.

30) Even if you can't help someone but at least listen to their pains this will give them comfort.

31) Don't be too aggressive towards your family, dare to do it with your boss.

32) Remember God can only show you the way and journey has to be done by you only.

33) Don't expect much in life, try to be happy in what you have.

34) Aim High and Work Hard.

35) More you are closer to yourself, more you are closer to God.

36) Never smoke in front of a Women.

37) Always give priority and seating opportunity to Females, Kid's and Old Fellows first.

38) A Face is not as important as it is made to believer.

39) Have the Courage to Live anyone can die.

40) It's not always the Coward people who quit , sometimes smart people too do it.

41) You can't get happiness from outside unless you are not happy from inside.

42) Take decisions from mind and not from heart if you don't want to cry in future.

43) Kids are never at fault, they are just the mirror of their elders.

44) Every relationship has an expiry date.

45) Tears convey more than what words can ever say.

46) Relations work better only when they are balanced.

47) The most difficult phase of the life is not when no one understand you, but it is when you don't understand yourself.

48) Successful person always have a high level of care for their parents and spouse.

49) Atleast hug one person a day and you will be highly relaxes.

50) Broader the Smile, deeper the wound may be inside.

I hope you will feel the benefits of the same.God Bless.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rules and Principles of Worshiping- The Correct Way of Worshiping.

Jai Guru Dev

Human, the most creative creature of the Universe but this creativity is spoiling own self by ignoring the real meaning of Life.Human today is going more and more advanced and forgetting his real aim of Life.The one who created us all , today is waiting for us to remember him.We are running behind money, good life, technology but even after getting every materialistic thing in our life we are not happy, did somebody tried to analyze that why it is so ? The answer to this is simple, it is happening because either we are not worshiping our God or we don't know how to worship him in the proper manner.

We think that more we are earning more we are going forward in life but core is that more we are earning more we are cutting our peace of life.This is not applicable in all the cases but most of the cases today are like this only.

Worshiping not only means that we should give time to God , the truth is giving time to your own Soul is known as worshiping.In our Holy books also it is mentioned that "Nar Hi Narayan Hai" which means that a Human is a God only.It is not necessary that you go to temple or go to some spiritual place for worshiping but just for 15 mts daily you think that for what you have come to this World and what are you doing is enough to give you lots of menatl peace and satisfaction.There is a beautiful saying in Ram Charitra Manas:

"Koi Man Dukhi, Koi Tan Dukhi,Koi Dhan Bin Rahat Udas;
 Thode Thode Sab Dukhi, Ek Sukhi Ram Ka Das"

Which means Somebody is sad emotionally, somebody is due to health and finance,

Every one is sad because of some reason but a person who is worshiping God is always happy without any problems.

Now, people ask me we do this spiritual activity daily and worship God daily but we don't get the desired results.Our conditions are getting worst and things are not moving, wherein we are paying a lot of time to God.To this my answer is very simple and straight forward, i always ask the people about their schedule and they mention about how they get ready move to office , reach on time, then work for half day and then lunch and then again back to work and this ways they end their day.To this i always mention that , for every thing you have a schedule and discipline in life but when it comes to Worshiping you have nothing like that and this is the only reason why nothing works out and peace of life comes to an end.

Today my motive is to share the Rules of worshiping which if applied in our daily life will give us endless peace,eternity and satisfaction with more business and money.

Rules Are:

  • Before we start any spiritual activity , purity of body is compulsorily needed.Brahma purity can be done only by taking bath.In case if the Cold is high or there is some disease because of which taking bath is not possible then just wipe your hands, legs and face with a wet towel.

  • Minimum clothes should be worn during the Sadhna, during winters warm clothes can be worn without any problems.

  • Place of worshiping should be quiet, without any disturbance, peaceful and positive, for ex river shore, cave, home room, temple etc.

  • If you are worshiping in evening then make sure clothes are changed during the Sadhna, its always good that if you wear something specific during the Sadhna and is meant for that purpose only.

  • Place of worshiping should be good and special care of "Aasan" should be kept."Aasana" should be red or orange in color. Please don't use Black Color Aasan at all otherwise whatever you are going to do will be of no use.Aasan should be comfortable in sitting.

  • Spinal Cord should be straight during the process so that the positive energy can pass without any hurdles.

  • Aasan should be of Kush,Silk, Wool, deer's skin or Tiger's skin.This stops the positive energy going out of your body and keeps it in your body only.

  • For normal worshiping Tulsi Mala can be used, in case you are worshiping for some mean then Sandal Mala can be used, For worshiping Goddess Laxmi Mala of Kama Gatta is used. Turmeric Mala in case of Lord Ganesha, For Lord Shiva and doing Tamoguni Sadhna Rudrakhsa Mala is used.For Tantrik activity snake bone's Mala is used.

  • The best time to worship is morning.Brahma Muhrat i.e.4 Am - 5 AM is good for worshiping but in case of some problems sunset time or Godhuli bela is also a good time for same.Sunset is good because that is the time when all the three times of the day i.e. morning, evening and night meet at one place.So activity done at that time gives you the results of worshiping three times in a day.

  • A person must always worship at the same place and at a specific time.

  • Jaap or chanting should always be done through Mala only.To realize the power of Mantra , atleast 11 times Mala should be chanted.It may increase or decrease according to the convenience.

  • During the Jaap, the direction should be taken care off.In morning the face should be in east and in evening to the west.In some specific worshiping direction is selected according to the time. 

  • If worshiping in temple or to some place where people are moving frequently then Mala should be kept in "Gomukhi" i.e. a weaved piece of silk cloth to hide the isolation Mala can be kept in open.

  • During the Jaap , chant sound may come out of throat, lips also can do movement but it should be so light that another person sitting nearby could not listen as if he will be able to listen your chanting then he will get the benefit of your chants.

  • 1 Mala has 108 beads and out of them one Bead is double i.e one over one.This is known as "Sumeru".Once you are done with 108 times of beads then don't overlap the overlap the "Sumeru", instead turn the Mala around the start from the other end.In case you will overlap the Sumeru than that Mala is of no use to you.

  • Motivating others for Chanting is a great "Punya" and this will give you immense benefit and peace.More the other person will chant the Mala more the benefit you will get for the same.

  • Chanting should not be done while standing or moving, voice should not be loud at all.It should be done peacefully with no voice.

  • Generally fresh plucked flowers are used during the worshiping but in case of non availability Rice can also be used.Why rice is used because more the rice old is more the taste is, same ways using rice gives your long lasting results.

  • As you eat so as you behave and hence light food should be consumed.Oily and spicy food should be avoided as this makes you more aggressive and demotivates.

  • During the Sadhna, clove, cardamom, fruits can be consumed as they don't have any negative impacts.

  • During Sadhna intentions should be very clear.Avoid useless thoughts like gossips, lie, fraud and other topics.

  • Avoid watching or reading books which may distract your mind from Sadhna.You can read Spiritual or Holy Books.Do remember the good deeds that the books suggest.If you read something related to your Isth Devta than it gives you more strength and ability to achieve your Spiritual goal.

  • Whatever the material is left after worshiping don't throw it anywhere but Water should be dedicated to Lord Sun next morning, Rice should be given to birds, Flowers should be dedicated to Pipal tree and prasad should be distributed among kids.

  • Sadhana should be done under the supervision of some Guru only so that he can clear the hurdles and problems that occur during the Sadhna, this is so because when you start worshiping there are many powers that try to stop you from going ahead.A True Guru will guide you the right path.

  • In case of traveling, disease if you are unable to follow the proper way of Worshiping then Mental Jaap can be done.

  • In case of physical emergency like Washroom or toilet which is mandatory too , you can move and later on after washing hand and legs you can sit again.One apology Mala should be chanted and below mentioned Mantra should be chantd :
      " Om Apavitraha Pavitro Va Sarvavastha Gatopi Vaa;
        Ya Smareth Pundari Kaksham Sah Brahmabhyaantro Suchi"

  • During the death or birth of some one in family , Sadhna should not be done as that time is known as "Sutak" which is not at all good for Sadhna or spiritual activities.During the phase only mental Jaap should be done.

  • Your trust over the God you are worshiping should be immense and.This is the base to your success of Sadhna.

  • During the Sadhna apart from God you must have full trust and respect over your Guru as well.

  • Don't be depressed because of the hurdles that comes your way during the Sadhana but put more efforts to remove the error and to come back on the track again.

  • Human mind thinks endlessly and whenever it is diverted put your eyes over the God you are worshiping and think about him only.

  • In the morning the Mala should be in front of your Nabhi or Stomach, in After noon it should be in front of your Heart and in evening it should be in front of your forehead.

These are some of the points which i think every one should to achieve their Real aim of Life.

Stay Blessed.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Guru - Guru Mantra,Meaning,Importance and Advantages.

"Guru" , a word which holds a big place in Indian Mythology and in other words we can say Indian Mythology is incomplete without "Guru".This practice came into existence a thousand of years ago when the Veda's were written.Guru-Shishya or Guru-Chela is one of the art to learn about the different aspects of Life.In ancient times the life of a human was estimated to be 100 years and hence it was divided into four parts viz 25 years of each phase.Each phase had a specific activity to do i.e. :

Phase I : Family And Guru Aashram.
Phase II : Kingdom.
Phase III : Grahast Aashram (Taking Care of Home and Siblings)
Phase IV : Dedicating to Spirituality.

During the first phase a kid needs to leave everything and has to go to the Guru Ashram to learn the Art of Living, Spiritual Growth, Self Realization, Art of using Arms for self defense and security , Discipline, Culture and last but not the least Respect for all.

Since that time only this tradition is coming and was followed by everyone at that time irrespective of Caste,Culture or Traditions.All the students were treated in the uniform manner by the Guru and were given equal value and education.

Meaning of Guru :

"Guru" is a combination of two Hindi words i.e. "Gur" and "Ru" . "Gur" means techniques and "Ru" means one who teaches it.In total it means a person who teaches you the techniques of living the life and correct your mistakes is known as real Guru.

Guru not only only teaches but also ensures that the things are well implemented and working fine.He is always there to support you whenever you are in confusion or in pain.He is the only one who guides you for the best with out any personal interest or benefits.Guru may be very harsh or angry but more he is knowledgeable and caring.They might be rude many times but in reality they always have a blessed hand over you which protects you from mishaps and problems.It is said that Guru is always there with you at every step of life and without him and his permission nothing is possible but on the other hand if he is with you then nothing is impossible.

Guru is like a candle who burns himself to light the life of his students.

Importance of Guru:

Guru is the most important part in the life of a human and without him Human is always dicey.Guru is the first step of life and without his guidance a human can't grow in life.He is only step who takes you closer to God and without his blessings nothing is worth.

There is an old saying in Hindi:

"Guru Govind Dou Khade,Kake Lagu Paye;"
"Balihari Guru Apke Gocind Diyo Milaye"

This means that in case both God and Guru are standing , who's feet will you touch first? It has to be Guru only because without you would have never been able to recognize God.

Why Guru is Important :

A) Without Guru finding the goal of life is impossible.
B) Guru shows the real path of life.
C) Self realization comes from Guru only.
D) Guru knows the best in you and makes you understand the same.
E) Guru navigates you in the best direction of Life.

Advantages of Guru:

A) Guru guides you for the best.
B) Before the problems comes to you it goes to Guru and he takes your problem on him.
C) Guru is the key role to you success.
D) Guru knows your future and thus drives you for the best as per the future
E) Guru is selfless.
F) With Guru you can attain the highest levels of life.
G) Guru makes the life meaningful.
H) Guru protects and manages the life cycle of a Human.
I) Guru comes whenever you need him.

Guru Mantra :

Just like God's Guru also has a Mantra's which is known as "Guru Mantra".Every Guru has his own Mantra and it is given only to its followers or Shishya's.This Mantra is more powerful than the normal Mantra as this is routed through Guru and Guru with his entire powers give the blessings and make the life happy.It is also said that no matter if a human worship God or don't but chanting Guru Mantra daily even once is highly beneficial than worshiping God.

Guru Mantra creates a layer over the body of a human which protects him from evil powers,problems and many other things which are beyond human control.Chanting Guru Mantra gives you inner peace and satisfaction along with connectivity to the spiritual world which is impossible to find other ways.

Who can be a Guru?

Now everyone might be having a question that who can be a Guru? To this answer is very simple in ancient times and also today Brahmin's are considered as Guru but it is not mandatory to have one of them only.A person with whom you are really impressed or you can think has the quality that attracts you is your Guru.I have seen many cases where people have made "Peepal Tree" as their Guru and they are really talking to it and are getting blessings.There is also an example of same from "Mahabharat" in which "Eklavya" a tribal boy treated statue of Dronacharya as Guru and took the teaching from it.This is the biggest example which is still known to Indian People.

As per my understanding in today's world anything that gives you internal peace and satisfaction can be your Guru.But it has to be make sure that your dedication towards the Guru must be endless.It should not be from the upper heart.

Making a Guru is very easy but following his discipline and principles are very difficult.As i mentioned earlier also more the harsh Guru is more that chances of your success are.There is no doubt about and i am sure all those who are having Guru's are well satisfied and happy in Life.

Without Guru human life is incomplete.I get many emails across the globe where the people ask me that we are worshiping the God but we are not getting the results to this i simply reply that you don't know the proper format of Pooja and you don't know the process because you don't have a Guru to show the correct path.

In Simple terms make a Guru and accept him with true heart and then leave everything on him as he is standing a step ahead to you to save you and to show you the real path of Life.

That's all for today i hope this article will help you in some of the ways.

Any queries please write back.

Jai Guru Dev !!!!