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Kumbh Vivah - An Indian Ritual For Manglik Dosh

Kumbh Vivah- Indian Ritual For Manglik Dosh

India, a country where Spirituality is at the top of everything and every problem has a Spiritual solution. Kumbh Vivah is one of the most amazing ritual performed in Indian spirituality which has a wider concept and has an amazing impact on Human Life who are effected by Manglik Dosh.

Kumbh Vivah is a combination of two Sanskrit words Kumbh which means Mud Pot and Vivah means Wedding in English.

Kumbh Vivah is a process which is used when a human has a Manglik or Double Manglik Dosh in his horoscope. Mangalik Dosh is a kind of error in horoscope which effects after the wedding only.Mangal Dosh is a dosh which shows its true colors after the wedding.

Manglik Dosh is of two types:

A) Anshik Manglik( Little Manglik)
This dosh generally ends after 18 years of age and can also be resolved by Puja or some rituals. This doesn't effects too much but still suggested that Shanti puja must be performed so that it may vanish for ever.

Few examples of Anshik Manglik Dosh are :

A)After wedding major health issues.
B)Small disputes between bride and groom.
C)Delivery issues of baby.
D)Tensions in family.

B) Major Manglik Dosh:
This is highly negative in nature and has some deadly impacts on married life.If a human gets married to another with Manglik dosh then the Manglik Dosh of partner will surely effect other's life.It has a single solution which is known as "Kumbh Vivah". This is the only way which can end this Dosh and may give prosperity to both Bride and Groom even if one has Major Manglik Dosh.

Few examples of Major Manglik Dosh are:

A) Serious Relationship Issues after wedding.
B) Death of husband.
C) Death of Wife.
D)Major Accident.
E)Major Disease.

Kumbh Vivah is just like a normal wedding. For example if a girl has a Manglik Dosh then she has to perform this ritual. Everything would be like the real wedding. Girl has to wear the wedding dress and jewelery along with a thread. Parents do "Kanya Daan" and "Phere" are also taken with the Mud pot. Priest has to be invited to chant the Mantra's and end up everything like a real human wedding. Later on the girl has to change the clothes, remove the thread and that thread is tied over the Mud pot and the pot later on is drown in some river or pond without letting some one know. Once the Ritual is done the girl is out of Manglik Dosh and she can now merry to the actual person and will not be having any further issues after wedding.Her husband is now safe from her Mangal Dosh.

Pot here plays the role of first husband of girl and hence it is a non living thing so as per the Indian Mythology this becomes null and void and the wedding with the Human is considered as her first wedding. Pot has taken all the Dosh or troubles of the Girl and hence the Mangal will not effect the other person anymore.

This Ritual is amazing in its own and i have seen many people who has got the benefit out of it.

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  1. Girl has manglik in 7th house, she got married without knowing about this.
    Marriage - girl 1 and boy 1
    Divorce - girl 1 and boy 1
    Living together after divorce - girl 1 and boy 1
    Can the girl do kumbh vivah now to have a peaceful life with boy 1.

  2. If boy have the major manglik Dosh, is should follw the same process like girl manglik. Please answer my question as i have same dosha.

  3. Hello sir,
    how long after the kumbh vivah should the actual marriage take place? if it is a love marriage, can the girl do kumbh vivah 1st and later after a year do actual marriage? or immediately the actual marriage should be done?

  4. sir i m mangalik in moon chart with 8th house mars and rahu.can i marry non-mangalik boy?

  5. sir my date of birth is 23 oct 1985 time 05-15 in morning place amritsar and the person i love and want to marry is non manglik his date of birth is 13 sep 1984 time 00-20 and place ghaziabad.
    please suggest some remedy so that we can get married..plzz sir its urgent
    my email id is

  6. Hello, Sir,

    I have a simple mangalik and girl is non mangalik. Can I marry her?
    My email is:

  7. Sir/Mam. my date of birth is 18-11-1985 and Birth place: Dhariwal (punjab) and Time is 6:44 Pm and i love a boy and want to marriage with him and his DOB: 24-02-1985, Time is 02:10 Am and Birth Place: Mukerian (punjab), Pandit told me, when you want to marry then you check your kundli milan in detail and he told me for kumb-vivah, pls tell me all in detail and his horoscope match with my horoscope and this marriage is preferrable. Pls tell me the detail on my email ID:

  8. Dear Bharatji,
    My DOB is 28-05-1982 born in Bangalore at 4:44am Friday.. I got married on July 1st 2010 but my married life has been a problem since Jan 2011 n now its come to situation whr v r at the verge of seperation. is it because I hv any such doshas?

  9. Manglik dosh or mangal dosha is much talked about topic in Indian society and manglik dosha analysis is the integral part of the horoscope matching process before marriage.manglik dosh

  10. Hello sir,
    how long after the
    kumbh vivah should the
    actual marriage take
    place? if it is a love
    marriage, can the girl do
    kumbh vivah 1st and
    later after a year do
    actual marriage? or
    immediately the actual
    marriage should be

  11. My in-laws said my husband had manglik dosha and that kumbh vivah was advised and done too. Still we are on verge of a split.We never had a happy marriage It was done at a popular place near pune called wadi.

  12. Please help with a compatibilty match. Myself sauradita Chatterjee. Dob -28 August 1984 at 12:07 jamshedpur .

    The girl name Is sneha mondal.dob - 16 march 1988 at 5:15 -pune .
    Please help with the match and if there Is problem please guide with the solution.

  13. Boy name - sauradipta Chatterjee. Dob - 28 August 1984 at 12:07 . Place jamshedpur.

    Girl name - sneha mondal.
    Dob - 16 march 1988 at 17:15
    Place- pune

    Please help with the compatibility and if any problem please help with solution.

  14. sir....ths is DOB 28/12/1988...8:59 mrng.....i m gettng married on 26 may 2013....wl it be good kumbh wud be performed 5 days before my marriage on gyaras muhrat ....i dnt hv manglik dosh..but some pitra or kul dosh....

  15. hello sir i have a mild mangal dosh. can i marry with non manglik girl. my date of birth is 01/05/1988, morning 2:30 am. please suggest me if any problem found. my mail id is

  16. sir
    iam bhargavi born on 20-05-1992 at 3:45 pm at chittoor.I want to marry a person by name soma sekhar reddy born on 12-01-1987 at 7:30am in chittoor.
    ple study our birth charts and sujjest us if kumbha vivah is the best way to lead a happy life

  17. Hi, My date of birth is 7th dec 1985, birth time- 6.30am, place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu. All the proposals I have received so far have agreed but at the last minute asked us for more time and have not got back to us. I would like to know what is the problem?

  18. Is it mandatory for the girl to be present physically for the kumbh vivah ceremony?

  19. Is it mandatory for the girl to be present physically for kumbh vivah?

  20. Hello Sir,
    My name is Vandana Guglani, DOB - 28-07-89, Time : 12:50 PM, Place of birth : Gurgaon. Can you please let me is there any manglik dosh in mu kundali. As Last my marriage broke. And I have/had getting lots of complication in my personal life.

  21. boy muslim
    date 09-jan-1991
    Birthplace vadodara

    girl hindu
    date 18april 1988
    birth place vadodara

    we love each other a lot.. but now.. boy done want o be with me.. cuz im manglik.. pls help us

  22. sir I am mangalik with dob 6th march 1989. time-9.19 and place-Kolkata. i am in relation with a non mangalik i have to do the kumbh vivah now only.we plan to marry after 2or 3 years.or shall i do it just before marriage?

  23. Thank you my brother / sister for providing This information. You really created a peace of mind in me.

  24. Hello, I am Mangalik I have it on the 7th house. It says it is simple. But after 8 years of marriage I can tell that now I know it has been difficult. Very difficult.

  25. too late for some of us to know about this. =S

  26. My dob is 21-11-1985
    boy-23-1-84,jaunpur up,8.15 am
    m manglik bt he is nt.can we marry?plz plz reply its urgent my


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