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Shani Planet Position Change-Impacts and Information on Different Zodiac's-2011.

All the Nine Planets play a vital role in the transactions of Universe.Out of the 9 Planet's , Lord Shani or Planet Shani is the Chief Justice And as per the Karma's of a person gives results.

Zodiac Change of Lord Shani:
On 15th Nov 2011 at 10:12 AM Lord Shani will enter in its Upper Rashi Libra or Tula leaving Kanya or Virgo Rashi after 30 years.Lord Shani will enter in Third Phase of Chitra Nakshatra.

Who Will Fell Under Shani Sade Sati:
As Shani will enter Libra or Tula , Leo or Singha Rashi will get free of Sade Sati, Wherein Vrishick or Scorpio Rashi will fell under Sade Sati.Persons with Libra or Tula Rashi will go through second Dhaiya and Kanya or Virgo Rashi will go through last Dhaiya.Don't be scared because when Shani visits in Upper Rashi then more are the chances or happiness and in rare cases is the trouble.

Zodiac's effected by Dhaiya:
Mithun or Gemini and Kumbh or Aquarius will get rid of Dhaiya.From 15th Nov 2011 Dhaiya will start on Karka or Cancer Rashi in fourth phase and in Eigth phase on Meen or Pisces.People with mentioned Zodiac Sign will go through a mixed phase.

Warning for Kark or Cancer Zodiac:
Tiny beneficial Dhaiya will start.Lord of Kark or Cancer Zodiac is Moon and as per the Indian Astrology Moon is assigned to "Mann or Heart".Firstly- Lord Shani and Moon are enemies of each other, Secondly-From Moon to fourth phase of Sukh Sthan entry of Shani for Kark or Cancer Rashi will not be fruitful.For this Rashi highly suggested to control mind vague and mental pressures and do the suggested remedies of Lord Shani.I am again writing please control emotions.

Full Blessings of Lord Shani:
As Lord Shani is entering Libra or Tula Rashi with Singha or Leo on 3Rd Phase,Vrishab or Taurus on 6th Phase and on 11th Phase in Dhanu or Sagittarius, hence these Rashi's will get the desired and extraordinary results and achievements during the phase.

Results and Impacts on Each Zodiac Signs:

Aries or Mesh :- Mixed Results.Good time for life partner search and if married good time for partner.Take care of Health.For better results chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand.

Taurus or Vrishab:- Stars will be on their best.Complete chances of repaying all the debts or in other words becoming debts free and also enemies will surrender.Suggested to chant "Shani Asthottar Shat Namawali" on every Saturday.

Gemini or Mithun:-Great News from the side of kids may arrive.Normal phase for people on jobs.People in business will feel a bit of downfall in finances and dealings.Make the adjustments accordingly.

Cancer or Kark:- Dhaiya is getting started.For earnings place change may take place.Take care of your health especially.Wait for the right time slowly and gradually.Suggested to chant "Shani Strota" created by Raja Dashrath whenever possible.

Leo or Singha:- Will get rid of existing or old pressures of life and victory everywhere.Best time for unmarried and for married the partner will grow both emotionally and financially.Brothers and sisters must take care of their relationship.Offer a Chola on Saturday to Lord Hanumana.

Virgo or Kanya:- To become financially strong even Sade Sati will not be able to stop you.Take care of health during lean walk of Shani.Right time to invest in property and business.Suggested to keep fast on Saturday and chant Beej Mantra of Lord Shani as much as possible.

Libra or Tula:- Arrival of Lord Shani is excellent and amazing.Don't expect much from anyone.Full chances of getting higher positions.Plannings will be successful.Hard Work done in past will start giving you results now.Suggested to purchase oil of Rs 12 and dedicate it in Lord Shani temple on every Saturday.

Scorpio or Vrischik:- Debts may become high.Will be in trouble because of sudden issues and logic less discussions.Traveling will not be fruitful but chances of spiritual growth can be seen.Spend the time calmly and with patience.Suggested to worship Lord Hanumana and feed Ants with wheat flour.

Sagittarius or Dhanu:- Highly fortunate.You will be getting many opportunities to gain benefits and also a good time for the benefit of siblings.Suggested to light a lamp or Diya with oil on every saturday.

Capricorn or Makar:- Don't let your success over ride your emotional relations if you wish the success to be with you for long.Suggested to chant "Vedic Shani Mantra" on every Saturday.

Aquarius or Kumbha:-2.5 Years of anger on you will now come to an end.Enemy killer Lord Shani is eager to give you desired results.Results will be taking you to heights again.Wear a Blue Sapphire and Worship Lord Hanumana.

Pisces or Meen:- Sudden problems in work may disturb you.May effect from nerves system problems.Please Don't invest in Share Market at all.Think wisely and calmly before investing.Worship Lord Hanuman and help the poor or person in need.

How to Make Lord Shani Happy:-
Although Lord Shani is cruel and one of the most complicated planet in the Universe but it is also true that if worshiped with discipline , true intentions and the specific remedies are performed Lord Shani gets happy and give desired results.People going through Sade Sati or Dhaiya may try the below mentioned remedies and can get the benefits:-

A) Offer sweet water to the trunk of Pipal tree.Also light a diya or lamp with oil.Take seven rounds of tree and Lord Shani will bless you.

B) Lord Shani is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and hence if you worship Lord Krishna,Lord Shani will never harm you.

C) Lord Shani has promised Lord Hanumana about whomsoever worships him will never be effected by Shani at all.Keep fast on Tuesday and Saturday to get the grace of Lord Shani.

D) Chant Shani Beej Mantra and Strota on regular basis.

I am sharing this post because this change has taken place after 30 years and many Zodiac signs will get rid of problem in their lives.To make the picture clear and to remove doubts i wrote about it, may be of some use to someone in any ways.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isth Devta,Kul Devi/ Devta- Meaning And Benefits.

We all human's have some problems in our life because of many reasons like physical,Emotional,financial,Peace of Mind and many others.We do everything to control the facts that are effecting our life but we are unable to do so, although we do it only when we are in problem.We start remembering our God or Devta or Isth but still we don't get desired results.Till the time everything goes well we never care to know who our Kul Devta or Isth is.I have seen so many cases where people don't know the difference between Isth Devta and Kul Devta which is a must know thing as without the information of this worshiping is of no worth and at the end of the day God is blamed for not helping in need.Who Kul Devta or Isth Devta Is? What do they do? What is their role in the life of a human and how they impact? To unfold the mystery today i am writing this post.Hope this will prove fruitful to you in some or other ways.

Meaning Of Kul Devta:

Kul Devta is a combination of two words "Kul" which refers to Family (Grandparents, Parents,Childrens,Real Uncles,Real Cousins) and "Devta" refers to God. Hence a particular God which has originated the family and is responsible for its well being is known as "Kul Devta".Kul Devta Doesn't gives birth to the family but as per his choice that Family is created and later on due to new births it keeps on increasing.For Example a normal human worshiped Lord Bhairav and Lord Bhairav is very happy with the human and starts treating him like "Dharam Putra" hence a new human takes birth and from that day Lord Bhairav would be the "Kul Devta" of that family.This is what used to be happened in ancient times.Now when human himself has diversified himself into so many castes so God's are not interfering.

Why Kul Devta:

Kul Devta shows the direction to the family and is responsible for the well being of the family.Kul Devta ensures to maintain the spiritual level and fairness in the family.Kul Devta keeps and eye
on the family and ensures that everything must go well.

Advantages and Powers of Kul Devta:

1) Takes Care of the family.
2) Maintain positivism and spirituality in the family.
3) Guiding the family in form of intuitions.
4) Showing the right path to the family members.
5) Saves from sudden accidents.
6) Even if not worshiped they don't do anything wrong.
7) Don't demand anything.
8) Calm and positive in nature.
9) Key source to family.
10) Equal for all family members.

Meaning of Isth Devta:

Isth Devta refers to the God which is selected by an Individual with his own choice.For Example My Kul Devta is Lord Bhairav but me as an Individual like Lord Hanuman and worship him hence Lord Hanuman is my Isth Devta.Any God can be Isth Devta as per the choice of a Human.

Why Isth Devta:

Isth Devta is an integral part of spiritual human life.Isth Devta gives fast results and guides you wherever needed.Isth Devta give faster results because a human from his own choice selects him and has full faith on him and Isth Devta becomes more happy to know that a person is worshiping him even after having Kul Devta.Hence Isth Devta has a major role in life of a human.

Isth Prabal( Strong):

Isth once made has to worshiped and necessary to make happy.Isth Prabal means making the Isth strong by dedicating yourself.Once Isth are strong you are free of all the problems as all the issues will be rectified by the Isth only.Although the problems will come as per the destiny but Isth will make them weak and will suggest you the way forward to face the issue.

In many cases it has been seen that Isth Devta is made prabal or strong do talk one to one with the individual and makes him aware of upcoming life and give powers.

Powers And Advantages of Isth Devta:

1) Isth Devta gives instant results.
2) Isth Devta and Kul Devta don't have clashes.
3) Isth Devta will help only an individual and not the family.
4) Isth Devta shows the path and direction.
5) Isth Devta Once happy will make prosperous in every way.
6) Stops you from being in bad company.
7) Saves you emotionally and physically.
8) Shows you the future in certain terms.

Some Questions:

1) Can Kul Devta and Isth Devta both worshiped together?
Ans: Yes, both can be worshiped together and there would be absolutely no negative impacts on your life if any of them is worshiped.Devta's are God's and they don't have a feeling of jealousy hence results will come out no matter whom you worship.

2) We don't know who our Kul Devta is?
Ans: If you really don't know who your Kul Devta is then you can make a Isth Devta which means any God of your choice.Offer some sweet and fruits to the God or any thing that , that particular God likes and while sitting in the front of the statue in temple just take a "Sankalp" or "Promise" in heart that from today you are my Isth Devta and you need to guide me on the right path.Trust me you will be benefited from this and Isth Devta will also give you the same results as your Kul Devta can give.

3) Is it necessary to make Isth Devta?
Ans: Although its not necessary to make an Isth it depends upon human.As per the holy books Isth is considered because Human has full confidence on Isth because human is not forced to select a God but he selects the God by his own choice.

4) How Isth Devta or Kul Devta can be made happy?
Ans: As per the Indian spirituality minimum 1 Mala or Chanting the concerned mantra 108 times daily at a similar time will definitely make the Devta's happy.If you can make it like a sea saw then it would be fantastic too.Sea Saw here means ascending and descending order.You have to start from one mala then on second day 2 mala, third day 3 mala and same must continue for 9 days and on 10th day start decreasing the Mala from 9 to 8 to 7 and this has to be done always.This is a very powerful way to make both Isth and Kul Devta happy.

This was all for today's post i am writing this post because when people send me mails and ask about the solution to problems and when i ask them about their Kul Devta and Isth Devta they are not aware of it.It is very necessary to know Kul Devta and in case if you don't know then you can make a Isth Devta as well.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grah Dasha-Grah Shanti-Meaning, Concepts and Remedies.

Human Life is a mixture of different environments like Happiness, Sadness, Loneliness,Spiritualism and many other things.Today human has designed everything that can give materialistic satisfaction but till date no mechanism has been developed to reduce human problems and issues.When the time is good people say God is happy and when the time is not good people say Someone has done black magic on us and that's why we are unable to gain peace and satisfaction.Just to clarify this particular doubt today i am writing this article.I am sure this will prove beneficial to all the readers who believe in God and spirituality.

If we look in spiritual manner there are many things that effect human life and daily activities.People miscalculate the situation and create problems for their own self.This all happens in life due to Grah Dasha and Grah Chal.What it is is shared further:

Meaning of Grah Dasha:

As per the Indian Astrology there are 9 Grah (Planets) and 12 Rashi's (Zodiac Signs). Each human has a specific Rashi.For Every Rashi there is a Ruling Planet which is known as "Rashi Swami".

The transitory movement of planets in each Rashi is known as Grah Dasha.Some planets are very strong and some are weak.Also some planets are friendly and unfriendly with each other.The human life cycle is based on these planets only.When a planet enters a Rashi and the Rashi Swami is friendly human has a wonderful time but if Rashi Swami is unfriendly then problem arises.Every planet has a specified time duration to stay in a particular Rashi and depending upon the relationship human life is effected.

This is misunderstood by Human's and they think that someone has done Black Magic or somebody has tied them wherein the fact is that once the Grah Dasha becomes positive the things are on track again.

To understand the Grah Dasha and Grah Chal you need to share your Horoscope with the person who understand Kundali reading and after that it would be clarified that because of which Planet Transition these problems have occurred.Once you get to know the Culprit Planet you can conduct Pooja or chant Mantra's to reduce the problem.

Please Understand that Human Life is pre decided and pre planned and not only we but even God can't make any changes in it , but if you worship God the problems and situation don't get worst and ends upon on Bad only.If it is there in your destiny to be in problems for 5 years then you have to bear the pain for 5 years and in case you Use some other ways which are Non Satwik then for few days everything would be alright but after some time conditions will be same again as you have to complete the duration of problem which is already there in your destiny.

Remedies for Grah Dasha And Grah Chal:

Once a person gets to know about the problematic Planet please chant the below specific Mantra's for planet and the problems will give you less pain and your bad time will pass away without creating much troubles in your life.

Nav Grah Shanti Mantra

A) Surya : Ham Him Hom Sah Suryaya Namah.

B)Chandra: Shram Shrim Shrom Sah Chandramase Namah.

C)Mangal: Kram Krim Krom Sah Mangalaya Namah.

D)Buddh: Bram Brim Brom Sah Budhaya Namah.

E)Guru : Gram Grim Grom Sah Brahaspataya Namah.

F)Shukra: Dram Drim Drom Sah Shukraya Namah.

G)Shani: Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanishcharaya Namah.

H)Rahu : Bhram Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah.

I)Ketu : Sram Srim Srom Sah Ketve Namah.

Please follow the above mentioned Mantra's and see that Grah Chal and Dasha Will never effect you adversely.

For any more queries or doubts do write back on my Email Id.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Magic-Myths,Symptoms,Remedies & Information.

Shri Ram,

Daily i receive many mails asking me about the remedies and symptoms of Black Magic and in most of the cases actually there is no Black Magic.Just to clear the doubts of readers and people in problem , today i am sharing something about Black Magic , its symptoms and some remedies too.Hope it would be beneficial to you in some or other way.

Meaning of Black Magic:

Black Magic is a kind of Negative Energy which enters the Human Body and disrupts the proper working system of Human Mind and Soul.As per the Indian Spirituality it is an external power that enters the human body and creates issues but both at the end admit the same stuff.It is known as Black Magic because this energy is transmitted to another person without the permission.Black Magic not only spoils the life of a person but also leaves a big impact on the life of a person who is involved in this activity.This is against the Indian Mythology and has not been supported but due to personal benefits and jealous feeling people do it and this is how they are more in pain.

Who is a Tantrik? :

This activity is performed by a specific person known as "Tantrik". Tantrik is supposed to be the master of this particular activity and in reality he forces the evil souls to work for him.Tantrik is a person who perform activities which are not in benefit of the World.He is a person who actually accumulates negative energy and utilizes it for inhuman works.Tantrik is the only person who can actually see the Ghosts and Souls.He has a very hard life.Tantrik is very short aged and restless.Tantrik's do all these kind of activities for money. They cannot remove the problem permanently but they just put your bundle of problems on someone and in return gets a weired life ofcourse money is also there.

How Tantrik Works? :

Tantriks have the Evil Souls ready for them to work which are already controlled by them in a forceful manner.The Tantrik invites the Soul on a specific duration and offers it sweet, alcohol and flesh and later gives it some thing related to the human being on whom Black Magic has to be done.It may be piece of cloth that person wears, hair, teeth or any thing that is being in touch with the body of the victim.The Tantrik takes promise from the Evil Spirit that in any of the case it will not share details of Tantrik with any one and will do the task no matter what so ever happens.The Evil Soul then promises the Tantrik to do the activity and then whatever Tantrik says it has to do.It may be about making the victim Insane or even kill or may be make him seriously ill.Later on Soul confirms the same to the Tantrik and his work is over.

Symptoms of Black Magic:

1) Victim would like to be aloof and alone always.
2) Will be annoyed and irritated always.
3) Nails will turn black.
4) Shoulders and head pain will be regular.
5) Smell of Scent will come.
6) Victim would hate to take bath.
7) Will talk to ownself.
8) Eyes will be red.
9) Victim will not feel hungry.
10) Unnatural movement of body parts like stretching fingers continuously or will bite the nails every time.
11) Tulsi plant at home will burn suddenly and will not grow by the time effect is there at home.

These are the major symptoms which can give you an overview about Black Magic Victim.If first Four points are present that means that person is surely effected by Black Magic or else not.

Remedies of Black Magic:

The remedies that i am sharing are 100 % effective and will surely benefit you in case you are effected.

1) Starting from any Monday take "Bilva Patra" leaves , put it on Shiv Linga in the temple and while pouring water chant Maha Mrityuanjaya Mantra for just 9 times.In case if you can do 108 it would be highly effective.Just in 7 days time Black Magic will pass away and will never touch you again.

2)Chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times during the Sunset will keep you away of Black Magic Always.

3) Chanting the Mantra " Om Ham Hanumate Rudratamakaye Hum Fat" in morning after bath in front of Lord Hanuman with a Dipak of Chameli oil is highly suggested to keep you safe from Black Magic.

4)Burning the gugal dhoop over cow dung will remove the black magic effects and the person will become normal.You have to chant the Gayatri mantra also in front of the person who is effected and the negative Soul will run away with immediate effect.

5) Reading Hanuman Asthak is a tool to protect you from Black Magic and Magicians.

Black Magic is not permanent, it has a specific time duration and after that it vanishes on its own.A person needs to be courageous and spiritual and trust me Black Magic will never be able to come near you.

I have been in contact with many Saints,priests,tantrik's and Aghoris and many out of them are masters in their field but i never got scared just because i believed in my God.So trust your Kul Devta or Devi and worship them from your true heart and these ill effects will never hamper you.

This is what i wanted to share with you all today.I Hope it will resolve your most of the queries.