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Grah Dasha-Grah Shanti-Meaning, Concepts and Remedies.

Human Life is a mixture of different environments like Happiness, Sadness, Loneliness,Spiritualism and many other things.Today human has designed everything that can give materialistic satisfaction but till date no mechanism has been developed to reduce human problems and issues.When the time is good people say God is happy and when the time is not good people say Someone has done black magic on us and that's why we are unable to gain peace and satisfaction.Just to clarify this particular doubt today i am writing this article.I am sure this will prove beneficial to all the readers who believe in God and spirituality.

If we look in spiritual manner there are many things that effect human life and daily activities.People miscalculate the situation and create problems for their own self.This all happens in life due to Grah Dasha and Grah Chal.What it is is shared further:

Meaning of Grah Dasha:

As per the Indian Astrology there are 9 Grah (Planets) and 12 Rashi's (Zodiac Signs). Each human has a specific Rashi.For Every Rashi there is a Ruling Planet which is known as "Rashi Swami".

The transitory movement of planets in each Rashi is known as Grah Dasha.Some planets are very strong and some are weak.Also some planets are friendly and unfriendly with each other.The human life cycle is based on these planets only.When a planet enters a Rashi and the Rashi Swami is friendly human has a wonderful time but if Rashi Swami is unfriendly then problem arises.Every planet has a specified time duration to stay in a particular Rashi and depending upon the relationship human life is effected.

This is misunderstood by Human's and they think that someone has done Black Magic or somebody has tied them wherein the fact is that once the Grah Dasha becomes positive the things are on track again.

To understand the Grah Dasha and Grah Chal you need to share your Horoscope with the person who understand Kundali reading and after that it would be clarified that because of which Planet Transition these problems have occurred.Once you get to know the Culprit Planet you can conduct Pooja or chant Mantra's to reduce the problem.

Please Understand that Human Life is pre decided and pre planned and not only we but even God can't make any changes in it , but if you worship God the problems and situation don't get worst and ends upon on Bad only.If it is there in your destiny to be in problems for 5 years then you have to bear the pain for 5 years and in case you Use some other ways which are Non Satwik then for few days everything would be alright but after some time conditions will be same again as you have to complete the duration of problem which is already there in your destiny.

Remedies for Grah Dasha And Grah Chal:

Once a person gets to know about the problematic Planet please chant the below specific Mantra's for planet and the problems will give you less pain and your bad time will pass away without creating much troubles in your life.

Nav Grah Shanti Mantra

A) Surya : Ham Him Hom Sah Suryaya Namah.

B)Chandra: Shram Shrim Shrom Sah Chandramase Namah.

C)Mangal: Kram Krim Krom Sah Mangalaya Namah.

D)Buddh: Bram Brim Brom Sah Budhaya Namah.

E)Guru : Gram Grim Grom Sah Brahaspataya Namah.

F)Shukra: Dram Drim Drom Sah Shukraya Namah.

G)Shani: Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanishcharaya Namah.

H)Rahu : Bhram Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah.

I)Ketu : Sram Srim Srom Sah Ketve Namah.

Please follow the above mentioned Mantra's and see that Grah Chal and Dasha Will never effect you adversely.

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  1. sir !!!
    a very nice effort you are doing by sharing such informations ### thank you

    i wanted to ask about grahas!!!!
    i a person is having shani mahadasha in his kundali
    then , either he should keep black things with him or donate black things to poor....


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