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Shani Planet Position Change-Impacts and Information on Different Zodiac's-2011.

All the Nine Planets play a vital role in the transactions of Universe.Out of the 9 Planet's , Lord Shani or Planet Shani is the Chief Justice And as per the Karma's of a person gives results.

Zodiac Change of Lord Shani:
On 15th Nov 2011 at 10:12 AM Lord Shani will enter in its Upper Rashi Libra or Tula leaving Kanya or Virgo Rashi after 30 years.Lord Shani will enter in Third Phase of Chitra Nakshatra.

Who Will Fell Under Shani Sade Sati:
As Shani will enter Libra or Tula , Leo or Singha Rashi will get free of Sade Sati, Wherein Vrishick or Scorpio Rashi will fell under Sade Sati.Persons with Libra or Tula Rashi will go through second Dhaiya and Kanya or Virgo Rashi will go through last Dhaiya.Don't be scared because when Shani visits in Upper Rashi then more are the chances or happiness and in rare cases is the trouble.

Zodiac's effected by Dhaiya:
Mithun or Gemini and Kumbh or Aquarius will get rid of Dhaiya.From 15th Nov 2011 Dhaiya will start on Karka or Cancer Rashi in fourth phase and in Eigth phase on Meen or Pisces.People with mentioned Zodiac Sign will go through a mixed phase.

Warning for Kark or Cancer Zodiac:
Tiny beneficial Dhaiya will start.Lord of Kark or Cancer Zodiac is Moon and as per the Indian Astrology Moon is assigned to "Mann or Heart".Firstly- Lord Shani and Moon are enemies of each other, Secondly-From Moon to fourth phase of Sukh Sthan entry of Shani for Kark or Cancer Rashi will not be fruitful.For this Rashi highly suggested to control mind vague and mental pressures and do the suggested remedies of Lord Shani.I am again writing please control emotions.

Full Blessings of Lord Shani:
As Lord Shani is entering Libra or Tula Rashi with Singha or Leo on 3Rd Phase,Vrishab or Taurus on 6th Phase and on 11th Phase in Dhanu or Sagittarius, hence these Rashi's will get the desired and extraordinary results and achievements during the phase.

Results and Impacts on Each Zodiac Signs:

Aries or Mesh :- Mixed Results.Good time for life partner search and if married good time for partner.Take care of Health.For better results chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand.

Taurus or Vrishab:- Stars will be on their best.Complete chances of repaying all the debts or in other words becoming debts free and also enemies will surrender.Suggested to chant "Shani Asthottar Shat Namawali" on every Saturday.

Gemini or Mithun:-Great News from the side of kids may arrive.Normal phase for people on jobs.People in business will feel a bit of downfall in finances and dealings.Make the adjustments accordingly.

Cancer or Kark:- Dhaiya is getting started.For earnings place change may take place.Take care of your health especially.Wait for the right time slowly and gradually.Suggested to chant "Shani Strota" created by Raja Dashrath whenever possible.

Leo or Singha:- Will get rid of existing or old pressures of life and victory everywhere.Best time for unmarried and for married the partner will grow both emotionally and financially.Brothers and sisters must take care of their relationship.Offer a Chola on Saturday to Lord Hanumana.

Virgo or Kanya:- To become financially strong even Sade Sati will not be able to stop you.Take care of health during lean walk of Shani.Right time to invest in property and business.Suggested to keep fast on Saturday and chant Beej Mantra of Lord Shani as much as possible.

Libra or Tula:- Arrival of Lord Shani is excellent and amazing.Don't expect much from anyone.Full chances of getting higher positions.Plannings will be successful.Hard Work done in past will start giving you results now.Suggested to purchase oil of Rs 12 and dedicate it in Lord Shani temple on every Saturday.

Scorpio or Vrischik:- Debts may become high.Will be in trouble because of sudden issues and logic less discussions.Traveling will not be fruitful but chances of spiritual growth can be seen.Spend the time calmly and with patience.Suggested to worship Lord Hanumana and feed Ants with wheat flour.

Sagittarius or Dhanu:- Highly fortunate.You will be getting many opportunities to gain benefits and also a good time for the benefit of siblings.Suggested to light a lamp or Diya with oil on every saturday.

Capricorn or Makar:- Don't let your success over ride your emotional relations if you wish the success to be with you for long.Suggested to chant "Vedic Shani Mantra" on every Saturday.

Aquarius or Kumbha:-2.5 Years of anger on you will now come to an end.Enemy killer Lord Shani is eager to give you desired results.Results will be taking you to heights again.Wear a Blue Sapphire and Worship Lord Hanumana.

Pisces or Meen:- Sudden problems in work may disturb you.May effect from nerves system problems.Please Don't invest in Share Market at all.Think wisely and calmly before investing.Worship Lord Hanuman and help the poor or person in need.

How to Make Lord Shani Happy:-
Although Lord Shani is cruel and one of the most complicated planet in the Universe but it is also true that if worshiped with discipline , true intentions and the specific remedies are performed Lord Shani gets happy and give desired results.People going through Sade Sati or Dhaiya may try the below mentioned remedies and can get the benefits:-

A) Offer sweet water to the trunk of Pipal tree.Also light a diya or lamp with oil.Take seven rounds of tree and Lord Shani will bless you.

B) Lord Shani is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and hence if you worship Lord Krishna,Lord Shani will never harm you.

C) Lord Shani has promised Lord Hanumana about whomsoever worships him will never be effected by Shani at all.Keep fast on Tuesday and Saturday to get the grace of Lord Shani.

D) Chant Shani Beej Mantra and Strota on regular basis.

I am sharing this post because this change has taken place after 30 years and many Zodiac signs will get rid of problem in their lives.To make the picture clear and to remove doubts i wrote about it, may be of some use to someone in any ways.

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  1. Mr. Khatri, how long does it take to see positive effects on Aquarius Zodiac after Lord Shani Planet Position Change as mentioned above. Thank you.

  2. nice info! the bottom line, chant Hare Krsna maha mantra and shani can have no affect on you, as you read, shani never harms devotees of Lord Krsna, so chant, HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA, KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA, RAMA RAMA HARE HARE ! And be happy!

  3. when will the third dhaya of sade sati finish


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