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Pitra-Pitra Dosh-Meaning,Concept,Pitra Dosh Nivaran and Explanation.

Who is Pitra? What is Pitra Dosh ? What Pitra do ? Why are they worshiped ?These are some questions which most of the people wanted to know.There are many explanations given by many people but still clarity is in doubt.To reveal the truth today i am sharing the real information that will clear all the doubts about Pitra and Pitra Dosh.Hope this will benefit you in someways.

Meaning of "Pitra":

"Pitra" is referred to our ancestors or family members who are dead.Pitra are between God and Us.If we have Pitra at our home and we are not worshiping them then we cannot make God happy but if we make Pitra happy then it is not hard to make God happy.Pitra are as great as and equivalent to God.Pitra are very powerful and believe in give and take rule.If the Pitra are happy then there would be no problem in life but if they are not happy then life is full of issues and problems.This is applicable only in the case if Pitra in a family exists.It is not necessary that every family have Pitra.Pitra is a milestone and God is the ultimate destination.Before the starting of any "Shubh Karya" or assignment it is necessary to worship them.In case if they are not worshiped or provided with the stuff which is dedicated to God then that work will never be successful.It has been seen in many cases that "Pitra" enter in body of some of the family member and show their anger by saying in local language "Mane Tal Diyo" which means you ignored me.Later on after apology and worshiping they bless and then the work starts.

Who become "Pitra":

There are many Myths about Pitra and many people don't even know about Pitra.Coming to the point now all those family member who die unexpectedly i.e. in accident,disease or die with some wish unfulfilled become Pitra.It is not necessary that all become Pitra but most of them surely are.Pitra is a "Yoni" and they are between Human and God or in other words we can say that they are the mediators.Every family has its own Pitra and only those family members can worship them for fruitful results.After death if the dead one goes in Pitra Yoni that means he needs to be worshiped for lifetime.Pitra never goes in heaven or hell they have their own category and they are associated with their family till the dynasty exists.There are many cases in which people die unexpectedly but they don't become Pitra, this is because they don't want any kind of support from their family after death and dissolve them self in God.

Types of "Pitra":

There are basically two type classification of "Pitra::

A)Shant Pitra:These are those who become Pitra after death but are out of the Human issues.They believe in God and doesn't mind if they are worshiped or not.If a family has this kind of Pitra then it is not necessary for them to worship.These Pitra are happy in both the cases if treated with respect or not.They don't have any connection with their family members in this case.God is the final judge of the family.God has the direct powers to work for that person. These Pitra are involved into "Bhajans" and "Satsang" and after staying some time in "Pitra Yoni" they go to "Amar Lok Dham" which is heaven where they meet other saints and stay in peace there.

B)Ashant Pitra:These are those who are dead but are still stucked with their family emotionally.They want the same respect and care as the other family members get.They are very angry by nature, although they don't harm the family very much but yes problems like money,disease or illness keeps on coming.They want their food and respect on time.They are very effective in giving results and once happy can get you fastest results.Even impossible work for them is not hard.They can change the luck even.

Power's of "Pitra":

A)Pitra are the key to family success.
B)Pitra are essential part of family even after death.
C)Pitra can save us from many unexpected issues.
D)Pitra make environment positive and energetic.
E)Pitra makes work successful.
F)Pitra helps in getting success.
G)Pitra provides peace and prosperity.

Disadvantages of not worshiping "Pitra":

A)Pitra's if not happy will lead to unsuccessful life.
B)Life is not peaceful.
C)Business of Job issues.
D)Family tensions.
E)Small kids are most of times are ill.
F)Lack of money.
G)All new assignments fails.

No matter how much a person worship God but if he as Pitra and family doesn't worship then even the God is not in a state to help.This is because God has given the equivalent status to Pitra's.

If Pitra's are the ancestor's then why they create problems for their off springs after death?:

This question is very common and most of the people ask that if Pitra are our family members and were loved by us and vice versa then why after death they create problems in life of their living family members? The answer to this is that every one on this earth wants respect and timely food.If these two things are there then a person becomes happy and work more efficiently.Same is applicable with Pitra also.As "Pitra" is a "Yoni" just like we people are in "Manuyshya Yoni".The way we deserve respect and food on time the same way Pitra also want the same things from their family members.Although they are not alive but they want their stuff well on time.They live the same way we live but the only difference is the place.We live on earth and they in "Pitra Lok".If they are happy then family will be surely happy.

What is "Pitra Bhog":

The food which is dedicated to "Pitra" is known as "Pitra Bhog".They generally accept sweet especially "Kheer"(Rice Boiled in Milk with Sugar) a traditional Indian Sweet Dish.

How "Pitra Bhog" is dedicated?

A Person needs to burn a piece of dry cow dung and then take it to place where they want to dedicate them their stuff.After putting the burning cow dung at the desired place take some pure water in palm and move it around the burning cow dung.This will make the place Holy and then some "Kheer" is poured over the burning cow dung and simultaneously the family members should join hands and by remembering the "Pitra" by his name should say that please accept your food and bless us.

When the "Pitra Bhog" is given?:

This is given once in a month during "Amawas" or "Amawasya" or "Full Black Night" in English.Pitra accept their stuff only once in a month.

Identifying the "Pitra":

Many people say that we think we have Pitra but we are not sure and we would like to know them.The solution to this is very simple.There are commonly three ways to identify the Pitra:

A)Read 11th Chapter of "Shri Mad Bhagvat Gita" and with in 2-3 days the Pitra will give you a show in the dream.And also you will remember your dream and then you can start worshiping them.

B)Before sleeping wash your hands and legs remember God and pray that "Who so ever is my Pitra please come in my dream and make me aware of you as i am unable to recognize you"They may come in any form like cockroach,snake or in any other getup.The only problem is that they will not reveal their identity you need to understand them or you can consult some Pandit for more details.

C)This is the most efficient way to know their existence. If you have any work which is in doubt that will happen or not assign to Pitra and mention them that if you really exist then make this work successful and if it happens then i will worship you and will accept your presence in my family.Pitra if there will definitely make the work positive and then you can identify them.

What is "Pitra Dosh"?

Those families who have Pitra but they don't believe in them become the victim of "Pitra Dosh".It refers to the problems that arises because of the non compliance.Pitra are sad and not showering their blessings turn into Pitra Dosh.

"Pitro Ki Patdi":

Like every God , Pitra have their own special "Yantra" or "Instrument" which is known as "Pitro Ki Patdi".This is designed and dedicated as per the convenience of Pitra and is kept in temple or wore in neck.This is very helpful and powerful.This Yantra give quick results and generally those people use it who couldn't identify their Pitra for some time and during that time their Pitra were hungry.

Pitra are kind enough and easy to make happy.They just need care ,respect and on time food that too in a month.If dedicated and worshiped then nothing is impossible and success is in hand.

There are 6 kinds of tarpan

1) Devtarpan

2) Rishitarpan

3) Divyamanavtarpan

4) Divyapitratarpan

5) Yamtarpan

6) Manushyapitratarpan

Mantra to be recited at the time of tarpan is-

Om ye bandhava abandhva va yenya janmani bandhva ,Te sarve triptimayantu maddattenambuna swadha ||

This process may make simply amazing changes in your life.

That's all for today in "Pitra".

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Worshipping God-The Proper Way and Format of PUJA

Indian Mythology has a vast scope and due to non availability of correct sources and knowledge we are loosing control on our culture and traditions.We are running behind western culture and are forgetting our Indian pattern.

We always complaint that we pray a lot to God but he doesn't listen to us and does not give us results.The answer to this is that we are fault.We don't know the correct way of praying and worshiping God.

Indian culture is very easy to learn but is very hard to adopt.There is a specific guideline for every Puja.Mantra's are very powerful but only in the case if they are chanted with proper procedure.Today i will share the proper way of performing Puja that will give you quick result and moreover the eternal peace which everyone searches for.

This way is applicable for both when we visit a temple or worship someone specific.

Step 1:Just after entering the Temple buzz the Bell or Ghanta and then introduce yourself to God like "Hey Bhagwan or God I am (Name) Son/Daughter of (Parents Name) Caste or Gotra (Name) Niwasi or Address(Residential Address) on Date (Date and Time) has come to your Temple and as you are omnipresent you are aware of my problems so please bless me and kindly acknowledge my arrival.

Most of us think that God knows everything but take it on ourself and think that if someone enters our home without our permission that how we will feel.But if the same person presses the bell and introduces you then we welcome him.Same thing is applicable with God also.

Step 2:After Step-1 sit of Red Aasan(Cloth) .Red Aasan gives concentration and quicker results.Please DONOT use Black Aasan otherwise you will not be getting the proper results and will start thinking about sexual stuff during that time.This increases your Sex Buds and takes you away from the correct path.

Step 3:Remember Lord Ganesha and then your Kul Devi or Devta or Family God.Request them to give you the favorable results.

Step 4:Whatever mantra's you want to chant apply OM before them as OM consists of all the powers and this ways you are giving respect to all the Gods.OM is the originator of everything so just praying or chanting OM gives satisfaction to all the powers.

Step 5:Once you are finished with your Mantra's don't stand up instead touch the Aasan three times and request it to give you the benefit of the prayers and chanting or punya.This activity is done to stop Lord Indra to take the benefit of your prayer.If you will not do it then Lord Indra will take away the benefit of prayer and whatever the prayers you have done will be of now use,

Must Remember:
A)Always Use Red Aasana(Cloth) for sitting.
B)Black Aasana should not be used.
C)Dhoop or scent sticks and Deepak should be compulsorily there.
D)You should have complete trust on the God you are worshiping.

Remember If a person is worshiping the God in the way mentioned above he will attain the highest level of satisfaction in Life.

I wanted to share this because most of us are unaware about this thing and i don't want that our culture and religion's should vanish.Our ancestors has really worked hared to gather such information and we cannot let it vanish this ways.Please share this with as many as people you can to get the maximum benefit.