Sunday, May 9, 2010

Worshipping God-The Proper Way and Format of PUJA

Indian Mythology has a vast scope and due to non availability of correct sources and knowledge we are loosing control on our culture and traditions.We are running behind western culture and are forgetting our Indian pattern.

We always complaint that we pray a lot to God but he doesn't listen to us and does not give us results.The answer to this is that we are fault.We don't know the correct way of praying and worshiping God.

Indian culture is very easy to learn but is very hard to adopt.There is a specific guideline for every Puja.Mantra's are very powerful but only in the case if they are chanted with proper procedure.Today i will share the proper way of performing Puja that will give you quick result and moreover the eternal peace which everyone searches for.

This way is applicable for both when we visit a temple or worship someone specific.

Step 1:Just after entering the Temple buzz the Bell or Ghanta and then introduce yourself to God like "Hey Bhagwan or God I am (Name) Son/Daughter of (Parents Name) Caste or Gotra (Name) Niwasi or Address(Residential Address) on Date (Date and Time) has come to your Temple and as you are omnipresent you are aware of my problems so please bless me and kindly acknowledge my arrival.

Most of us think that God knows everything but take it on ourself and think that if someone enters our home without our permission that how we will feel.But if the same person presses the bell and introduces you then we welcome him.Same thing is applicable with God also.

Step 2:After Step-1 sit of Red Aasan(Cloth) .Red Aasan gives concentration and quicker results.Please DONOT use Black Aasan otherwise you will not be getting the proper results and will start thinking about sexual stuff during that time.This increases your Sex Buds and takes you away from the correct path.

Step 3:Remember Lord Ganesha and then your Kul Devi or Devta or Family God.Request them to give you the favorable results.

Step 4:Whatever mantra's you want to chant apply OM before them as OM consists of all the powers and this ways you are giving respect to all the Gods.OM is the originator of everything so just praying or chanting OM gives satisfaction to all the powers.

Step 5:Once you are finished with your Mantra's don't stand up instead touch the Aasan three times and request it to give you the benefit of the prayers and chanting or punya.This activity is done to stop Lord Indra to take the benefit of your prayer.If you will not do it then Lord Indra will take away the benefit of prayer and whatever the prayers you have done will be of now use,

Must Remember:
A)Always Use Red Aasana(Cloth) for sitting.
B)Black Aasana should not be used.
C)Dhoop or scent sticks and Deepak should be compulsorily there.
D)You should have complete trust on the God you are worshiping.

Remember If a person is worshiping the God in the way mentioned above he will attain the highest level of satisfaction in Life.

I wanted to share this because most of us are unaware about this thing and i don't want that our culture and religion's should vanish.Our ancestors has really worked hared to gather such information and we cannot let it vanish this ways.Please share this with as many as people you can to get the maximum benefit.



  1. Whoooooa! A lot of this I didn't know! Very informative!

  2. I love your posts, Bharat! I learn so much! Thank you for sharing all of this information.

  3. Thank you for this excellent info - I have leant so much - thank you again for clearing my ignorance.

    Much love - God Bless your positivity in this
    distrustful world

  4. Informative and simple to adopt. Thanks !

  5. Very informative and simple to adopt. Thanks !


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