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Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Tantra

Meaning of Tantra:

Tantra is basically meaning of two words i.e. "Tattva" and "Mantra" .Tattva refers to science of cosmic principles wherein "Mantra: refers to science of mystic sounds and vibrations.Tantra is basically a science which spreads the light of knowledge.Tantra is a joint result of "Mantra" and "Yantra".The person who performs this art is known as "Tantrik".

Tantra has always been considered in wrong manner and most of the people think that Tantra is performed for inhuman activities wherein the core of the fact is that that Tantra is the most powerful way to get the work done.The conception of the people about the Tantra is not clear.Tantra is one of the most oldest tradition of Indian culture and is derived from the "Vedas" only."Atharv Ved" is supposed to be the originator of Tantra.

Tantra works faster than Mantra and Yantra and doesn't have much disciplines.It can be performed by any one and that's why you can find Tantrik's easily.The only boundation to the Tantra is that you need to feed the God whom you are worshiping on timely basis.A small delay in that may cause life loss to the Tantrik.

Tantra is very famous in India and best of the Tantrik's are found in "Bangal" .Bangali Tanrik's are well known for their Tantra art.It is said that a true Tantrik can change the environment,stop the rain,call the rain,lighten the candle and many other impossible things.He can challenge the Nature and can make changes in them but conditioned he should be a Master of this Art.With the development of science and technology this Art is getting vanished.Today people don't believe in this art but reality is that this art still exists.

Indian scriptures are divided into two categories i.e. "Agama" which are revelations and secondly "Nigama" which are Traditions.Tantra is Agama which detonates that it is the part of Vedas only.

Every year Tantrik's need to renew their powers on the Day of "Dusshera" .This was the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana.Ravana was one of the most powerful person on this earth who with his powers controlled all the Tantra Powers.So when Lord Rama killed him all the powers got free and from that day Tantrik's has to worship their powers again on the same day to restore them.For this Tantrik's need to go to the graveyard during that night and need to worship for the whole night.

Types of Tantra:

There are three types of Tantra :
A)Satwik Tantra:Satwik in Hindi refers to satisfaction and peace thus Satwik Tantra refers to helping the person in pain.Satwik Tantrik's help people by removing their problems permanently.These Tantrik's are the one who are the strong followers of God and believe in Humanity.They generally don't charge money for this and do it for the welfare of society.Some examples of this are : Nazar Utarna,Bhoot Badha Bhagana and others.

B)Rajsik Tantra:Rajsik in Hindi refers to quality and comfort.This Tantra helps to get the material comfort in life like money,care,furniture and others.This is a neutral Tantra which every one wants to get done because this life is full of unlimited demands.

C)Tamsik Tantra or Aghor Tantra:Tamsik in Hindi refers to anger and war.This is the most worst form of Tantra and most of the people believe that this is the "Real Tantra".This Tantra is used to kill someone,to hurt someone,to control soul's and ghost's, to make business loss to someone,to tie someone's home or business.In easy terms we can say that this Tantra is performed to hurt someone either physically,financially or mentally.Most of the people are afraid of this and the only reason why Tantra is treated as inhuman is the result of this only.

Tantra Refers to power and this is originated from Lord Shiva because he is supposed to be the owner of all such powers.Most of the Tantrik's believe "Lord Bhairav" for such acts as Bhairav Ji is one of the most powerful God and moves ahead in all the God's.The Tantrik's has to make "Mashan Bhairv" happy before starting.

Powers of a Tantrik:
A)He can change the weather
B)He can call the Rain
C)He can make a person alive.
D)He can see the hidden treasure.
E)He can call soul's and ghosts and can see them too.
F)He can kill someone with his Tantra
G)He can make a person ill.
H)He can even kill the Ghosts.
I)He can move any where any time in seconds.
J)He can tell past,present and future.
K)He can burn candle or lights without flame.
L)He can force the souls or ghosts to work for him.
M)He can call souls in body of a Human.
N)He can challenge the Nature.

Above mentioned all are the powers of Tantra but i personally don't feel that as on date some real Tantrik's are left or not.I have met many Tantrik's and Baba's but could not see them doing anything except the few.There are some Tantrik's who cannot do some impossible things as mentioned above but can tell about past ,present and future,call souls,talk to souls and can do many things.

Thats all for today on Tantra.



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