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Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Mantra

Although Paranormal Studies in India is vast and vivid and now this art is on the verge of churn as people today due to development of science and technology take least interest in such things.

In India Paranormal Powers are categorized into three forms:


Meaning Of Mantra:
"Mantra" is the most part of Indian Mythology, Black Magic and spiritual intervention.People in India don't start any activity before chanting Mantra's.Mantra's are supposed to be a power or energy that gives a human strength to commence something.There is a specific caste in India which is known as "Brahmin".They are the one who perform such religious activities.Mantra's are very useful in day to day activities.Mantra's can be used for both Human and Inhuman activities.Mantra has a great significance in the Life of Indian's.

Types Of Mantra:

There are Many types of Mantra:

A)Vedic Mantra:
Vedic mantra's are those which are derived out of Ancient Veda's viz Samved,Ahtarva Ved,Yajurv Ved,Rigveda.These mantra's are very Holy and are used during "Yagya".Yagya is buring wood with dry cow dung,Butter milk ,some cereals and grains.Chanting of Vedic Mantra's with Yagya removes the negative energy and clears the environment.It also gives the strength and power to the one who has conduct the Yagya.Vedica Mantra's are thousand of years old and require great discipline.If Vedic Mantra's are not chanted properly then they don't work at all.A person should be educated and dedicated and must believe in powers of God to use them.A person has to be very calm and simple during this time and he must wear Dhoti and Janeu to complete the activity.As per the Indian Mythology a person is not supposed to perform Yagya or chant Mantra's without the above mentioned things but now a days very less people follow this and in result they don't get the desired results.Vedic Mantra's are in Sanskrit Language.All the Vedic Mantra's starts with OM which in itself is universe.All the seven sounds comes in OM and before every Mantra this is applied.If OM is not prefixed before the Mantra then the Mantra is incomplete and is not frutiful.

B)Beej Mantra:
In Hindi "Beej" is known as "Seed" so clear from the term that Mantra which contains 9 or less characters is known as "Beej Mantra".Mantra having more than 10 and less than 20 words is known as "Mantra" and Above 20 one is known as "Maha Mantra" or "Grand Mantra".Beej Mantra is like adding power to the Mantra's.They are small but do wonders.They give the real energy to Mantra's and just because of them Mantra's become more powerful and give instant results.

C)Tantrik Mantra:
"Tantrik Mantra" are the Manntra's which give instant results.Although there is not explanation in indian scriptures too about the Tantrik Mantra's but they are really very effective.As shared in my last post Tantrik has to undergo a different procedure and that is something which even God doesn't appreciates.Tantrik Mantra works faster than normal one but don't work for long.Tantrik mantra's cannot be practiced by everyone because they can impact negatively too.These Mantra's are always kept secret and none where in detail is mentioned about them.Tantrik Mantra's can be obtained only from the one who is already a Tantrik.Also it is advised to make distance from such Mantra's because this is considered wrong as per the humanity.

D)Aghori or Shabar Mantra:
Shabar or Aghori Mantra's are the one which don't have a specified format.They do not have any interconnection of words.These Mantras are generally formulated by magicians in their own local languages.Although all the above mentioned mantra's will have some significance but in case of these Mantra's the logic of words is Nil.You will unable to understand the meaning of them.But as far as the performance is concerned they are the most powerful Mantra's.They really work faster than any other Mantra.Generally used by villagers now a days.

Classification of Mantra:

Mantra is classified into three different categories:

A)Satwik :These Mantra's are related to Soul upliftment,purification of Soul,Art of Living,Peace and other mentally satisfying factors.

B)Rajsik:These Mantra's are related to materialistic things like improving standard of living,more income sources,business upliftment and other things that give comfort to human being.

C)Tamsik:These Mantra's are negative working.These mantra's are used to hurt someone,making business loss to someone or to kill someone.

People today even after the growth in science believe in Worships and mantra's.I am born in a Hindu family and i have not met even a single person in 26 years of age who said that i don't believe in God.I have even noticed that whenever people pass a temple they tilt their head down.Even i do that.Many people say the we pray God daily but we don't get desired results, the answer to this is that the way we chant the Mantra's are not correct.

We all talk so much daily but we must know that as per the Indian Mythology whatever we speak doesn't reaches only till the ear of the other person but that talk goes in the universe and keeps on moving and some or other day when we listen the same sentence from some one it vanishes.Thats why it is said to be quiet and to analyze.In India "Moun Vrata" is kept which means a person keeps silent for 24 hrs and trust me this Fast is the best out of all.This is because what we think stays in our mind only and we go in depth to understand the core of that thought.

Now coming back to the point why Mantra's are not effective? Why they don't give results?
The answer to this is "SAMPUT"."SAMPUT" is like a Railway Engine.The Way Engine pulls the rest of the train the same way "Samput" pulls the Mantra and sends it to the ultimate destination.So when we chant mantra's they go in Universe and keeps on moving but if "Samput" added they will enter our body and will give us the favorable results.The Way to make a Mantra adding OM in the beginning is important , the same way adding "Samput" to a Mantra gives life to mantra and it enters our body.

Eg:If the Mantra is : Sham Sham Om then it should be readed as Om Rhim Shrim Hum Klim Sham Sham OM.

"Samput" necessarily is not needed to be added in the beginning but any where in the Mantra.At the beginning , in the Middle or even at the End too.

Scriptures are never wrong or ineffective but this is we who don't know the process to use them.

Tomorrow i would be sharing the meaning and explanation on "Yantra".

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