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Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Yantra

Yesterday we discussed that what "Mantra" is all about.Its types and usages and right ways of chanting.

Today i will mention in detail about "Yantra" its types and procedures.

Meaning of Yantra:

"Yantra" is an integral and important factor in Indian Mythology which gives instant results.In Hindi Language "Yantra" means Machine or device.Yantra is purely a mathematical calculation based object which drives to results.Every God or Goddesses has his or her own unique Yantra.A Yantra Depicts both Macrocosmic and Microcosmic forces acting together - the movement towards and away from the Centre - "Control" and "Liberation" within the on device.Matra and Yantra together creates Tantra.In some disciplines of Tantra it is said that a focused , controlled gaze upon a particular Yantra may lead to liberation.

Yantra's are objective focused but needs great discipline.Even a small mistake will not give result.These Yantra's are basically worshiped for wealth,business enlargement,peace of mind and protection from evil powers.

Types of Yantra:

A)Pata Yantra:
"Pata Yantra" is one which is designed on a thin sheet of Brass,copper,silver or gold.These are most commonly used in India and are easily available .Before setting up them at home it is very necessary to select the right time which in hindi is known as "Shubh Muharat".They are supposed to be worshiped daily and they are very effective too.

B)Meru Yantra:
"Meru" in hindi language refers to "Back" and this Yantra is in shape of a Pyramid.This Pyramid shaped Yantra is kept on the back of a copper made Tortoise.This yantra is highly effective and works faster than any other thing.The reason why Tortoise is used is because once upon a time God's and Evil's had a fight regarding who will take the treasure laid inside the oceans.In the ocean there was a Pot which was full of Necter(Amrit-Water which some one drinks never dies) and God knew this thing that if evils will get it then they will destroy the earth.So they decided mutually to share the stuff.But to drill the ocean they needed some hard base and for this purpose they took a big size tortoise and put a big stone on his back and starting drilling the ocean and many amazing things started coming out and from that day only "Meru Yantra" was formed.Tortoise is supposed to be the symbol of peace and prosperity and pyramid removes the negative energy.Positive vibes make the environment lighter and relaxed.

Classification of Yantra:

According to Shastras, Yantras are divided into Seven types which are used accordingly.

A)Sharir Yantra :- There are six chakras in the body, through which Kundalini is awakened. These are specific Yantras for each Chakra which are worn or used accordingly. Each Yantra carries seperate mantras which if recited indicates different gains. These are called Sharir Yantras.

B)Dharn Yantra :- As the name indicates, these Yantras are worn on different parts of the body for specific use. They bestow the results when used accordingly. There are several such Yantras and methods.

C)Asan Yantra :- Such Yantras are kept under Aasna at the time of Sadhana. These bears fruits early than other Yantras These are Yantras which are placed in temples, in the foundation of houses, used as Devas as mentioned earlier. Such Yantras are kept under every Deva for early good results.

D)Mandal Yantra :- In this the Sadhakas are made to sit in the shape of Yantras itself. Nine persons take part in it. One sits in the centre, four persons in four directions and others recite other mantras. The Sadhana with this Yanra bears fruit early.

E)Pooja Yantra : - We have earlier indicated that Tantras are installed in temples and Pooja is performed. Actually these Yantras are of a different devas. Such Yantras are installed in many ways namely:-

While installing the idols of Devas, the Yantras are written in digits and accordingly while performing pooja, the names of respective Devas are recited. The Muslims write 786 which is a digital Yantra for the word "Bisam Allah".

In Yantra, the name of Deva is written in the centre and pooja is performed.

Some Yantras are prepared while writing the mantras, in such case, we write full mantras some where, at other place the first words of mantras are written, whereas in other cases we write Beej mantras only.

On some yantras the photos of Devas and Devi etc are pasted or drawn and pooja is performed.

In Such yantras colours are used in the pictures of Devas etc.

F)Chhatar Yantra:- The above yantras enuomerated at Serial 1 to 5 are writeten at the place where you sit, on at the roof top, on the Skull etc and are Called Chhatar Yantras. These yantras are kept under turbon, hat, or in a Cloth which is kept always with the man as towel etc or be kept in a pocket.

G)Darshan Yantras:- These are yantras, which are if seen by the Sadhaka, he is benefitted. Or the place where these are installed or worn, blesses the native with Success. In India there are places where purified yantras are installed and those places are very powerful to mitigate the rtroubles and evils of the people if pooja is performed there. In temples of Jagan Nath Puri, Ishairon Yantra and in Shri Nath Dwar is installed Sudarshan yantra etc

Symbols Used in Yantra:

Generally Yantra contains squares,rectangles,triangles and some flower style patterns.

Few Symbols are as follows:

A)Lotus Flower:Lord Brahma the creator of this Universe took birth on Lotus Flower and hence before making any Yantra first lotus flower is made.This indicated dedication towards the generator or universe.Lotus Flowers basically represents Chakra's.Each petal has a different outlook or view.

B)A Dot: Dot represents the starting of creation of infinity which in other words is unexpressed cosmos.

C)Shatkona:Shatkona means 6 edges.The best example to this is Star.Upward facing detonates action or extroversion and downward facing detonates introversion or energy.

D)Swastik:This is a Holy symbol of Indians.This represents good luck,charm,prosperity and positivism.

E)Beej Mantra:In every Yantra there would be a Mantra which provides power to the Yantra.A Mantra less than 10 Words is known as "Beej Mantra".

Some commonly used Yantra's in India:

A)Shree Yantra(For Prosperity)
B)Kuber Yantra(For Wealth)
C)Ganpati Lakshmi Yantra(For Wealth and Satisfaction)
D)Durghatna Nashak Yantra(For safety from Accidents)
E)Vidhya Varidhinam Suyantram(For Education)

That is all for today.

Tomorrow i would sharing the details of Tantra .

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