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Explanation on What are Indian Paranormal Activities?

India has a strong background of Mythology.But this has always been a question mark to everyone that what exactly this Mythology is all about? We take birth as a human being and with growth in life we try to learn more and more on vivid topics.It has always been a point of discussion that whether something else also exists in this Universe which is not accepted,explained and justified by science.Human try his best to unfold the mystery but his mental square stops him to think beyond the circle he is into.

Most of us believe that God Exists,some pray in the from God,Goddess,Jesus Christ and many other ways and some don't believe in them at all.I completely agree with those who really don't believe in God but i am in doubt about those who believe in God.This is because there are many people who say that God Exists but Ghosts,Souls,Witches,Dracula,Vampire etc doesn't exist why so? My point is when you have not seen the God but still you trust him and feel his presence then why don't you believe in the above said stuff.The way you are unable to see The God the same way you are unable to see those evil powers as well.We are unable to see them but they exist.This is because we believe that those said powers are Negative and can harm us but we are wrong.The way Sun sets and moon comes,Day ends and night comes same ways God exists and evil too.This is we who need to understand in core depth the real reason behind the mystery.

Origination of Paranormal Powers:

As per the Indian Mythology before the origination of this Universe there was a single power which was known as "Ashtang Shakti".This power created Three God's in starting :

A)Lord Brahma
B)Lord Vishnu
C)Lord Shiva

Firstly the power generated Lord Brahma on the Lotus Flower and asked him to merry to which Lord Brahma denied and in result he was destroyed and converted into ASH by the Super Power.

Secondly the power generated Lord Vishnu on the Snake and asked him to merry to which Lord Vishnu also denied and in result he was also destroyed and converted into ASH.

Thirdly the power generated Lord Shiva on Mountain and asked him to merry and also told that if you would not merry then i would destroy and convert you into the ash too as the way other two are.Lord Shiva agreed to the Super Power and requested them to make both the dead God's alive before the wedding.To this Super Power alive both the God's and Lord Shiva married the Power.

This ways the God's were originated.Then our Earth created and each God was given a different responsibility:
A)Lord Brahma-The Creator
B)Lord Vishnu-The Operator
C)Lord Shiva-The Destroyer.

They created the Human's,Animals,Trees,Mountains and everything we see around and as per the guidelines they fulfill their responsibilities.

Lord Brahma Created 9 different Categories to life which were:

1)Dev-The Junior God's
2)Danav-The Devils.
3)Nar-We the Human's
4)Pishacha-The Ghosts who live by drinking human Blood.
5)Kinnar-The one who are not male nor Female.
6)Gandharva-The one who justifies truth or false.
7)Yaksh-The God of Death
8)Kuber-The God of Wealth.
9)Digpal-The One who manages day and night.

Above mentioned few comes in the category of God and few in Devil's .

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  1. Interesting, Bharat. I don't anything about Indian Mythology, so I'm really enjoying all that you are sharing.

  2. Hi!..... interesting information
    i want to know about supernatural power or
    hidden powers in humans.

  3. i want to know in what form were all the three lords?


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