Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introduction to New Blog-Super Natural Powers.

Unseen Rajasthan Paranorman Special - Limited Edition Blog has been started to share the knowledge which most of the people on this earth don't believe.This blog is all about Super Natural Power's,Black Magic,Magician's and those stuff which are still in doubt and are unresolved by science and technology.In This Blog i would be sharing the information which i have gathered from many sources and studies.Every information here would be related to India only and i would love to share this information with all who will visit this Blog.This project is taken in hand's because of the Great Demand about such information by many and a Big response on my "Aghori " post.

The information provided on this Blog is the gathered from different resources like Books,personal reviews,experience's and many priests and magician's.Hope you all would enjoy this Blog too.



  1. You have a good week end my friend...hugs...

  2. Wow!!!
    Paranormal :-)
    I wish you many luck .......
    I love magical & mysterious secrets ;-)

    Have a happy weekend

  3. this should be interesting!!! looking forward to posts.

  4. Hi!
    They are subjects that had always called the attention.
    Either happy, in this new blog!
    As arteiras

  5. Normally, I would not check out a paranormal blog...but seeing as how it is yours, I'll give it a shot. Good luck. Or should I say, good magic? ;-)

  6. Bharat, I look forward to the mysteries, the magic, and the wonders!

  7. I liked your new blog very much. Wish you all the best. Awaiting for your lovely post.

  8. Hi,

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    Appreciate your support.



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