Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Last Destination- Satisfaction....

We all are very habitual of listening the Word "Satisfaction" and we take it very lightly because this word is now coming in front of us in our day to day lives but have we ever tried to understand the true meaning of the same ?? Answer is "No" because we are Human's and Human's are not meant to be satisfied. We all think and know very well that Satisfaction is very important in our daily lives but we don't bother to implement the same in our life because our wishes and requirements are endless.But at the very same if we understand the true meaning and the logic behind the word Satisfaction we will come to know that it has great sense and it can really change our daily life and lifestyle.

Satisfaction is something which is hard to understand and learn unless we try to feel it. It is a Sacred but a Scared wave, which will never come in you until you are completely ready to accept with open arms. A little bit of negativity in this thought will take you miles away from the true feeling of "Satisfaction". It is like a Magical Aura, the more you take it in the more it will glow and this will result in endless peace and power.

People from different part of the World write me email and ask me about how to improve their business and how to get success in their life and every time i reply the same words "Have Faith and Be Satisfied". As we all know and understand that everything is already decided by the God and we all are just making the moves according to his wills.I remember some beautiful lines which i would like to share with you here to make this reading some more easy to understand. In this conversation God is telling to a Human that " You Do what you Wish but Happens what i Wants, So you do What i Wish and Will happen what you want and the way you Want". Now the question is how to understand what is the wish of God and how can be follow that, to this answer is very simple , whatever we do is God's wish only but we should make sure that whatever we are doing should not hurt someone and should never do anything which may create problem in life of other's in some or other ways.

Satisfaction is not like a magic stick that will give you instant results but it is like a seed , once grown will give you benefits for life long. I would like to share a very story related to this topic. Once upon a time there were two merchants. The first merchant was having a great business and the second one was having the same business but he was not getting the benefits out of the business. Both the merchants were very good known to each other and used to share their thoughts once in the evening. The first merchant even after having a very good business used to say that my business is not good and the second one even after no good business used to say i am having a great business and same continued for many years. After some more time the second merchant started getting more business and just in few days time he captured the market wherein the first merchant's business got down and his situation got worst. The first merchant got worried and went to meet a Saint to understand the reason behind this problem. Saint heard his problem and replied that destiny is what you think about. He said to first merchant that even after having a good business you always used to say that your business is not good so it has gone down as you were only saying this wherein the other merchant always said Business is good so he raised. This is the only difference and this is why it happened. So we must understand that even if the time is bad and the situation is tough we must keep satisfaction and i am sure that i one is able to do so he will grow high in life in every aspect.

Satisfaction gives you the power face the situations and works as a ray of hope. I know its not easy to implement but try to add this in your daily life and i am sure you will see great changes in your life.

And Yes i am sorry to all my readers that i don't write much now but trust me unless i don't experience something and by the time i don't understand something in depth i don't share it all as i can experiment with my own life but your emotions are very important to me and i don't want to misguide you, but i promise that i will keep on sharing the articles with you. I am receiving your emails and as per the time i try to respond them all but still if some mail is ignored then please accept my sincere apologies and email me back and i will surely revert you back.

Take Care.


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