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Karma- Meaning, Importance and Benefits in Hindu Religion

Since our childhood we have been listening from our elders to keep good Karma's and we due to lack of knowledge always said yes we will do it  but did we ever tried to understand what Karma's are ? What does it mean? How it impacts our Life ? What is the utilty and what exactly in detail it is ? To reveal the truth about Karma's today i am presenting the article as per my understanding which will help us to understand the concept and meaning of Karma's.

Meaning of Karma:

We as a lame person always think that whatever we are doing for the living hood is known as Karma's but in reality this is not the real Karma, Karma is all about what we are giving to someone and what we are getting in return from someone. What we are doing in today's time is Dainik(Daily) Karma, which in detail is as under:

A) Dainik Karma (Daily Karma): Dainik Karma is waking up, worshiping God, Going to Office, Meeting Friends, Eating Food, Coming Back to Home and Sleeping Back. All these activites are done in order to survive in this World but these are not considered as the Real Karma's because in the above mentioned activites we have not done anything that will give us some fruitful returns after our death.

B) Jeev Karma (Life Karma's): All the Karma that is done in order to give invisible support or help to anyone is known as Jeev Karma.For Example: Daily Prayer, Helping the someone in need and not expecting anything in return, feeding the plants, feeding the poor people, helping the one in suffering, taking care of old people, treating the animals nicely, creating a good harmony in the family,giving repsect to every one. All the above mentioned Karma's are the part of our daily schedule only but we knowingly don't follow them because we don't know the importance of them.

Whatever we do in our life either good or bad is recorded and as like old saying "As you Sow, Shall you Reap" which means that if we are doing good deeds it will come to us back and if we are doing bad than too it is going to come back. Karmas are more or less like a Boomerang, they will come to you no matter in which direction you throw it.

I would like to share a story which will help you in understand that what is the benefit of keeping Good Karma's."Once upon a time there was a dacoit, who was very dangerous and brutal and people used to get scared just by his name,once in a fight with other group he got injued badly and came back to his place, he ordered the maid to bring him the breads to feed his baby fishes, which he used to do from many years, his fellow members stopped him from doing so but he said "no matter in what condition i am but i will never ever leave my fishes hungry" and he feeded them, on the very same night due to his wounds he died and his Yamdut's came to take his soul, due to the bad Karma's he was taken to hell and was sentenced to a very brutal punishment but all of a sudden an Angel came and gave the orders to release the soul, the Yamdut's told the Angel that this soul has done very bad Karma's and that is why he is getting the punishment, to this the angel replied" No Matter what worst he has done in his life but he has one good Karma and that was feeding the Fishes daily and that's why he is granted a new life by the God", After this the Soul was sent back to the earth and that dacoit was given a new life. When he woke up the next day he realized the importance of good Karma's and quit all the odd jobs and dedicated his entire life to the God.

This is the true power of Karma's , if we are doing even a single good Karma in life that is going to give us wonderful results at anypoint in the life.

Importance and Benefits of Karma's:

Good Karma's don't gives results instantly but for sure gives a great impact in long term and once you are habitual of doing the Good Karma's then make sure that you are free of all the bonds that you have tied in this Life.

Karma's only gives you mental peace and makes you mind stable, if you are doing Good Karma's then your mind will be giving you positive energy and if you are doing bad then ofcourse it will get you the negative energy which is enough to spoil oneself.

Good Karma's benefits are given to the seven generations of a Human and Bad Karma's has to be beared by the person alone.If you are not Good with the Karma's you are missing the first step of finding the God and if you are good with it that means you are on the right track.

Karma Wheel:

Swastik is actually the Wheel of Karma, it has Four Corners which means Life, death, Moksha and Rebirth. It means that a Human is born and is given a life by the God and after the designated time period the body becomes dead and then it is decided on the Basis of Karma that whether the Soul is going to attain Moksha or going to take Rebirth. If the Karma's as Good then Moksha is given and if not then you have to take rebirth. 

As per the Indian Religion Moksha is the way to God and to gain Moksha one must have good Karma's.

I personally have experimented about Karma's on different aspects and realized that Karma's truly play a vital role in the Life and Good Karma's are really essential for our Emotional and Spiritual growth.

I just request all those who are going to read this article must make atleast one habit of doing any one Good Karma in a day and i am sure that you life too will blossom like a fresh flower in the Garden of the World where we Human's live.

With all the Best wishes and prayers.



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