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Keys To Successful Life - Take Life the Easy Way !!

Jai Guru Dev

We in today's Life are too busy in different shades of life and are never satisfied, but did we ever tried to understand why it happens ? What are the things that disturb us ? What makes us distressed and alone ? No, Never , and the reason is the puzzled mindset that we have today. Today we are loosing our control over mind and soul. We want to do something but happens something and this all happens because we are not free mentally, our mind is diverted into various directions and result leads to demotivation, failure & Depression.

I today wanted to share some points which if we implement in our daily routine we can be successful upto an extent and situations will turn in our side for sure, although myself too trying to work on this but still wish to share the same with you fine people also:

A) Set the Goals: First of all we need to set a Goal in Life as without an aim life is useless just like a bow without an arrow. God give us the life to do something and it should be like that we should be there in the heart and sould of others even after the death. Just deciding a Goal will not help but we need to work really hard in a positive direction in order to achieve our Goal.

B) Remeber the God Regularly: Everyday Pray, Worship & give some time to God anyhow no matter how busy your daily schedule is. Do try to motivate your family to plan & do some mythological events at home regularly and atleast once in a week. Make sure before doing anything you remeber your Guru, Father & Mother as without their blessings nothing is successful and with their blessings nothing is impossible.

C) Love you Work: It happens often that people are not happy with their work. job Holders think that business is good and business men thinks that job is good. Its always reciprocal. People in Job mostly think that they are slaves and can't live the life the way they want it wherein a Business Man is always in tension about Loss and contingency in Business and here he spends more time in thinking. A Farmer thinks that he works more but the return is very less and same thought comes in the mind of everyone who eiths works or owes a business. Even the Millionaires are not Happy, they wish to earn more and more and thus it is a endless process. But if you wish to be happy in your life then you need to love your Job and once you will fell in love you will enjoy it and when a person starts enjoying anything, he gets positive motivation which in last leads to success.

D) Responsibilities & Promises are essential: Do we ever realized our responsibility towards our Parents, Wife, Kid's & Friends ?? To understand this and to implement can really make a very positive outcome in our life.In Ramayana Tulsi Das Ji has written " Raghukul Riti Sada Chali Aayi, Pran Jayi Par vachan Na Jayi", so if you make any promise do deliver it. Fulfilling the promise will make you reliable in the society. People will respect you and nothing can stop you from touching the sky. Always remember to fullfill your responsibility and promise with heart & health.

E) Utilize the time to its best:  If one can utilize the time properly then he can complete all the given tasks well on time. Try to complete the work on First Inn First Out Basis. Reach at time to Office, Meetings & Parties and being punctual is a characterstic of successful persons. Don't be lazy & make sure you don't waste your time in useless activities. Do remember the old saying " Time Gone never comes back ". If you complete your tasks in the given time frame then you are tension free and relax and your current time becomes happy as you don't have burden on you head and this makes your everyday beautiful and wonderful.

F) Be Busy in your Work: The Best way to overcome the lonliness is busyness. Try to keep yourself busy in your work and later into some constructive job. Being busy makes you happy and you get positive energy to complete the tasks easily. Some great thinkers have menitoned that if you sleep a hour less daily then you can increase your work capacity for 5 more years.All the great persons have always been keen about their goals. Because of their dedication only they have been able to conquer the difficult situations and achieved the desired targets in life.

G) Be Spiritual: Indulgence is the biggest hindrance to the way of "Truth". Leaving the indulgance may lead a person to spititual height and self confidence takes a person to the stairs of success. By keeping your senses under control, only you can step forward to success. Lavishing life is momentry we can't keep them with us always, after a certain period they are useless for us whrein spiritual awakening is forever. Spiritual awakeing gives a different direction to life which in actually the way to God.

H) Keep Selfcontrol:  Self Control may take a human to new heights. Every person has got the ability to do so much and a reason behind the success is self control also. This is the first step to the growth of a human. A person who can control his ownself can control his anger too.

I) Do Self Inspection: By Self Inspection and Self Correction one can remove tiny mistakes in the life and also ensures that same is not repeated again and this ways can achieve the success. Every month do a self inspection and later correct the mistakes you did in that particular month and take pledge not to repeat them again. This will make you more clear and specific.

J) Limit your Needs: Just because some one else is enjoying a lavishing life is it necessary to spend more than the income ?? Never ever spend more than what you earn. Always remember that less our needs would be more happy and satisfied we would be . Just shop what is necessary and don't make your home a museum. The biggest problem in today's time is over spending only. Today people are having Credit Cards and this gives them to shop even when they don't have cash in hand. At a time a person in instance purchases something and later on he starts thinking about paying the credit card bill and hence it makes a person unhappy.

K) Choose Noble Friends: Who is a friend ? Friend in someone with whom you can feel Strong and comfortable.Friend is someone with whom you can share you heart feelings. A person who is equivalent to family but more than a family. A human without a friend is handicap. True Friend are always loyal and full of faith. Its not necessary the you should have plenty of friends, no matter if the count is 3-4 but they should be trust worthy. Feeling od a true friend is good feelings for everyone. Friend should be there even at the bad times.

L) Keep Good Feelings for everyone: Always be nice to everyone. You should treat the people the way you want them to treat you. Never argue, be honest to yourself and try to understand the point of view of the other person. Be calm and show sympathy to their feelings. Give trust to the feeling of a person. Even is a person is wrong don't make him embarrase in front of everyone, explain in lonliness. If you are at mistake admit it immediately. Never forget the good deeds of someone and never remember the good deed of yours. Don't be harsh , hard & impolite to anyone. Be kind to everyone you meet.

M) Develop the habit of smiling: Your smile is the expression of your Good Feelings. Always welcome a stranger with a beautiful smile. If you will smile you will be out of tension and depression. Keep blooming like a rose. Everyone will feel good with you. Smiling reduces the Blood Pressure and keep you fit.

N) Be Energetic: Motivate other so that they can energize themselves. By appreciation and motivation you can get your tuft work done from others. Appreciating someone from true heart makes the person energetic and positive. Make sure to appreciate a person's good abilities and deeds. Before criticizing anyone look at your ownself. Appreciate even if some one has done a tiny good job. If you will appreciate some one with full heart then your work will be done easily and positively without any fail and delay.Do remeber to show your gratitude once your desired job is completed by other person.

O) Be Satisfied:There is an old saying" Satisfied is always happy". Making money by wrong means may put you in tension and depression because needs can end but greed never. Those who are happy with what they have are the most happy people. Living life is an art and it can become happy with limited need also. Don't be a collector , be a giver.

P) Do Good and Forget: A Noble person is one who feels happy in making others happy. A Noble person is someone who loves to do good to others but dislike to take help from others. Because doing good to others is a symptom of greatness and taking help from someone is a symptom of inferiority.

Q) Keep Exchanging Views: If a person has One Rupee and other person also has One Rupee and they exchange the same with each other then nothing happens as value of both the coins is same but if you have got good views and other person is also having good opinion then it would be a great earning. So make sure to earn more and more information by exchanging the views regularly. A Person who speaks has nothing to learn but a person who listens has more chances to learn extra.

R) Learn from Mistakes: Mistakes are done by the Human's only and in the history there is not even a single person who has not done mistake in his life. Mistakes teaches us a lot but make sure same mistake should not be repeated. A wise man is one who don't revise the same mistake again.

S) Don't be too proudy & Egoistic: The Biggest illusion of a Human is " i am the best and i know everything",this thought should be removed. The biggest hurdle in the success journey is the proudy and egoistic attitude. You should always be ready to learn from everyone. Because if you do so you learn more and gain knowledge which leads to success. Too Proudy people always goes down in life. Ravana And Kansa were vanished because of their false proudness only.

T) Control your Anger: Anger is the biggest enemy of a Human. By angry attitude you can't control the anger.Try to leave bully & Fussy attitude. Be Calm, Polit and self centered.

U) Stop Defaming: Don't ever complain against anyone nor try to defame anyone. There is a difference between Appreciation and False Appreciation. Appreciation is from heat and other one is artificial. Complaint never rectifies but relations get spoiled.Those who will listen you over this will definitely pass on the same to end user and this ways your image will be spoiled.

V) Beware of Bad Deeds & Bad Habits: Never think that tiny bad deeds have nothing to do with life. The way every drop of water fills a pot the same way each bad deed makes a big negative difference. Bad deeds makes our character negative and we loose our value in society. Level of respect reduces in the heart of others. Think high and never do any bad deed by thinking them a big mistake.

U) Keep yourself Healthy: An onld saying "Pehla sukh Nirogi Kaya" which means first happiness is a healthy body. To keep your body healthy you need to wake up early, Walk in the morning, Do Yoga, Surya Namashkar and Pranayam. Avoid the food with excessive oil (More Oil makes a person angry),avoid consumption of Eggs, Meat, Fast Food, Cold Drinks, Pan Masala's, Smoking & Alcohol. Fresh Air, water, Cows' mils, sprouted seeds, fruits, salad makes you fit and intelligent and hence they should be consumed more.

You too can implement the above given points in your life and gain success and make your life Happy.


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