Friday, October 21, 2016

Change Eating Habits and See the Changes in Life !!

Now a days i have been observing a lot of people including small kid's, Youngsters and adults and i am noticing a terrifying change in their nature and personalities. Every one today is in a lieu of taking advantage of each other, don't have respect for elders, no respect for poor, and i was really curious to know that why all of a sudden we are seeing such a change in the generation and to this i took support of some good people and they told me that this is happening because of the changing thoughts of the people because of their eating habits and trust me i was as shocked as you are because of their statement and i wanted to know the reason??

I was told that eating is not a problem but what you are eating and with whom matters. We in today's world talk a lot about the freedom, wisdom and equality which i too respect but without knowing the right sources of income we should actually not eat with that person, any money that is gathered with false means disturbs your mental attitude and it changes your nature as well.We have a old saying from Veda's "Jaisa Anna Waisa Man" which means We Think Like What We Eat.A person who eats lots of spicy and nonveg will be having a mind like that, he will be more aggressive in nature.Wherein our ancestors were very calm and peaceful and the reason was that in India there were no chillies, it was bought to India by the Portugese people, now they have stopped consuming it and we are producing more than 75 varieties of Chillies.Here i would like to mention that our ancestors never ate or consumed Non Veg, Chillies, Eggs, Weed, Alcohol and many other things and that's why they were so intelligent.

Many people has been asking me that in Hindu religion offering Bakra, Bhaisa or Alcohol to God is allowed and since from my child hood i am also watching the same things being offered to God and i too wanted to know that is it true or not ?? To this i read few books and had discussion with many saints and they told me that NOWHERE in the Veda's or in any Spiritual Hindu book it has been mentioned that such offerings are allowed to the Indian God's but the best answer was given to me by a Aghori Baba in deep mountains of Nahargarh Fort Jaipur, he told me the reason, it follows like " Many people wish to become a Sadhu but for becoming a Sadhu you have to control your senses and since we all know that a Sadhu doesn't have any caste, Sadhu is Sadhu but before this they are born in some family which had some caste, so for example a person is born in a Kshatriya Family, since birth he will see his family members eating non veg and consuming alcohol and he too started consuming it but at a later stage when he feels like becoming a Sadhu, he joins the gang because of the First Force but slowly with the time his senses starts asking him to take the taste of Non Veg and Alcohol and now he wanted to do it but can't because he is with Saint's so they made their own community and said that our God takes the offering of Alcohol and Non Veg and this ways it was started which is now in continuous flow". Trust me this is the best answer i could get, He added "Anyone Can be a Sadhu but Not Everyone Can Survive as a Sadhu for Long" Its too hard to follow the Sadhuism.

He told me that We should never Eat Food with these people or at their homes or share their Lunch or Dinner:

A) A Prostitute: We all know this bitter reality that No Lady or Girl likes prostitution but our society puts them into this Hell.Eating is prohibited with her or at her home or with her money because she may take money from anyone, that money could be hard earned or may be stolen so if we eat with that money our soul will not be able to digest it and we will have the bad thoughts which will disturb our mind.

B) Person Who Takes Interest on Money: If money is offered for help than its very good but if you are taking Interest over it then its not good because with the interest his heart will cry and will give bed blessings as well as you are taking advantage of someone's condition.Eating with this person may also bring you a lots of negativity.

C) Kinnar: Our society has given them a special place and they take returns from all over the society and hence its hard to judge that who has given them the clean money or not so eating at their place or with their money is also prohibited.

D) Miser Person: Sharing for a miser person is really tuft and they feel sad while sharing or offering so their food may bring negativity .

There are many cases that i have seen where people actually got rid of negativity because of this.

I don't know this article is worth sharing or not but i think whatever is necessary for the welfare of the World should be shared.


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